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A Massive Attack

March 15th, 2011, Promulgated by Gen

Here’s one of the latest videos from Michael Voris:

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6 Responses to “A Massive Attack”

  1. JLo says:

    I have loved the Novus Ordo Holy Mass since it came into being, as I experienced it prayerfully and reverently prayed in the early 60s when it first came upon us. I loved the Tridentine Holy Mass before it, but have never seen a reason to seek it out as long as a Holy Mass in the Norvus Ordo was available. I had that availability in the two parishes I belonged to over the years, but alas, those parishes were not in the DOR.

    The progressives, who have blotted out the perfection of Holy Mass and replaced it with bells, whistles, and all the boring pedestrian things they could find to throw at it and diminish the sacred, will scream once again that the Holy Father is setting us back, that he will damage the Church, confuse the people, bla bla bla! The irony is that THEY are responsible if indeed the Tridentine is put front and center once again!! It is their tinkering with the perfect, their insisting that they know better than Holy Mother Church and Christ Himself that has made it virtually impossible to clean up the millions of variations of the abominations which they pass off for Holy Mass, so perhaps the only way, down the road, will be to suppress the Novus Ordo! Talk about irony!

    They will scream and yell and refuse to see; but pray for them, because I don’t think they CAN see anymore. Even priests who are not driven by the DOR’s agenda do their own little personal tinkering with the Mass. An example of their thinking perhaps:

    MY communion time isn’t communion time for me alone at all! It’s communion for everyone, and we’re all the same here, so I’ll just hold up the entire ciborium and change the pronoun from “me” to “us” and pray it out loud!!!

    They really think we don’t see? That we in the pews don’t read and study and pray? And even those who do not read and study are touched by an unease they can’t identify. We could all spend hours relating each and every sad moment we’ve experienced because of a celebrant’s personal choices where no personal choices are offered by Holy Mother Church!

    The Tridentine put forward once again and the Novus Ordo suppressed would wipe away in one fell swoop all the dull, slovenly nonsense that the Novus Ordo has been used for in imposing the irreverent by the enemies of the Church. Poor boobs who will complain just don’t see themselves as enemies of the Church (thus of Jesus), but as saviors. THAT’S how far they have sunk. So I’ll miss the Novus Ordo, but welcome the Tridentine as a sift of chaff from wheat.

  2. JLo says:

    What would you and your family do if the Latin Mass was forced on you? Dear Anonymous, you would read the English side of your missal and adapt… to continue receiving the Eucharist, which nothing can replace. Don’t be concerned… the Holy Spirit would grow the love in your heart for the Latin Mass. Trust that. God bless you! +JMJ

  3. Scott W. says:

    That illustrates kind of a joke from some article I recall (Zimrack?). That is, we always hear that the Mass is the Mass and we should not get hung up on externals. Well, if the pope decreed all masses in Latin, all communion in the hand and ad orientem, would you be upset? If so, why are you getting hung up on externals?

  4. Ben Anderson says:

    I did try the Latin Mass one day at St. Stans and discovered it wasn’t for me.

    That’s not really how it works. You don’t “try it” to see if it’s for you. I’d encourage anyone who’s interested in attending the TLM, to go at least 10-20 times before passing judgment on it. And even then, it’s not a show for you to judge. If there really is a certain group of people that the TLM just isn’t a good fit for, then how come it “worked” for so many centuries heretofore? How come the Church cultivated so many Saints?… Saints who didn’t gripe about the mass nonetheless.

  5. Ben Anderson says:

    Dear Jlo if the Latin Mass were forced upon I would either stop going to the Church I love or be forced to find another Church, which would break my heart but it is what I would do.

    just curious anon – do you mean you’d leave your local parish or the universal Church?

  6. JLo says:

    I hope Anon doesn’t mean he’d leave the Church, Ben, but I fear that’s exactly what he is saying. We know that one does not leave the Eucharist if one knows what we have in It; so if Anon leaves, it is because he does not know the Truth and that it is only found Body/Blood/Soul/Divinity in a valid Catholic Holy Mass. I believe that’s why most leave, because they don’t know what they are leaving. If they knew what they have in the Holy Mass, they would never leave, no matter how difficult attending becomes. “Lord, where would I go?” +JMJ

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