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Where the Nuns Are, 2010

February 24th, 2011, Promulgated by Bernie

From the National Catholic Register

by Tim Drake – Thursday, February 24, 2011

On February 2, the Secretariat of Clergy, Consecrated Life and Vocations offered the results of the Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate’s (CARA) “The Profession Class of 2010 Survey,” a survey of religious sisters who professed perpetual vows in 2010.

The survey was sent to sisters represented by the two conferences of religious women, the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR) and the Council of Major Superiors of Women Religious (CMSWR), and contemplative communities. Respondents represented 52 religious orders.

Monsignor Charles Pope noted what he described as “puzzling omissions” in the report when compared to data from a similar 2009 report, that was commissioned by the National Religious Vocations Conference. Pope says that the latest report ignores the ‘elephant in the room,’ an elephant he describes as…

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One Response to “Where the Nuns Are, 2010”

  1. avatar Jim R says:

    C’MON!!! CARA is affiliated with Georgetown University – a Jesuit “Catholic” University. How could Monsignor Pope suggest that there was a “puzzling omission?” Is he suggesting that Georgetown might be shading its findings? Heaven forfend! To suggest that research at a liberal “Catholic” university is tainted with politics is beyond the pale!

    Frankly, this report is not puzzling at all. What’s puzzling is that CARA previously published reports on the “elephant” apparently not realizing the import such reporting had on analyses of the LCWR congregations – it pointed out much too plainly that the liberal LCWR congregations are dying. Someone at G’town will pay for that oversight. (Or was it an uncharacteristic incident of honesty?)

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