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Stranger than Fiction

February 19th, 2011, Promulgated by Abaccio

Well, folks, here’s an odd story. Apparently the Diocese of Albany closed St Francis DeSales Church back in 2009,  and decided recently to sell the church and the rectory to Phi Sigma Kappa, a fraternity at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Fourteen of the brothers will live in the rectory, and the church will become a “community space.”  Needless to say, this presents myriad issues.  Speaking from experience, Phi Sig brothers aren’t exactly known to be virtuous types, and one would imagine that the church will be used to host debaucherous frat parties in the future.  The fraternity is on a “permanent drinking ban” from RPI after some antics a few years back.   This is perhaps even more troubling than some of the recent actions of Bishop Hubbard.  You may recall that +Hubbard also sold part of the national shrine to the North American Martyrs to become a buddhist temple,  sold a church and school to the mormons (who at least demolished the church), and approved the free distribution of needles to drug addicts.  Hubbard also has publicly praised pro-abortion, cohabitating Andrew Cuomo and has spent the past 34 years pushing the same agenda as Bishop Clark has here in Rochester.  Needless to say, the Diocese of Albany needs our prayers as well.  +Hubbard does not reach retirement age until October 2013.



2 Responses to “Stranger than Fiction”

  1. Gretchen G says:

    Let’s pray that the fraternity boys living in the rectory will be the beneficiaries of some residual grace left behind by past priestly residents. Maybe even pray for a miracle vocation or two!

  2. Trad Tom says:

    I’m so proud of my fraternity brothers. Of course my college years were long, long ago, and I didn’t attend Rensselaer. Way to go, Phi Sigs…..

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