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Sharing the Pulpit w/ Protestants?

February 2nd, 2011, Promulgated by b a

Yesterday on The Station of the Cross’s (1460 AM) “Calling All Catholics” show, Fr Rick Poblocki fielded an interesting question pertaining to a local pastor sharing his pulpit with a non-Catholic minister for Christian unity week. “Calling All Catholics” is a great resource and is super easy to ask questions. You can do so by calling 1-877-511-5483 (1-877-511-LIVE), via facebook, or via email. Here’s the audio:




4 Responses to “Sharing the Pulpit w/ Protestants?”

  1. Nerina says:

    Thanks, Ben for posting this.

    Thanks to Christopher for asking the question.

    And God bless Fr. Rick. I think he makes some great suggestions for ways in which Christians can express unity that don’t violate the rubrics of the Mass. I think the most ecumenical event I have ever been to is the March for Life in Washington. There, Christians (and even non-Christians) unite for the belief in protecting innocent, unborn human life.

  2. Matt says:

    1:30 PM at St Stanislaus: zero abuses of the liturgy!

  3. Anthony and the Mule says:

    Holy Cross’s Mass has become much less reverent for me. I cannot stomach it anymore. It had been trending that way. The change after Buffalo Road gave their school back had sealed it for me. Half the reverential air has left that service. Just following orders. I cannot take my children there, save myself. I am genuinely deeply grateful for the man Father Antinarelli for many reasons. The 10 am Mass was pervasive with a continuous tangible reverence, respect and honor, amongst other qualities. There is that special richness there that is vital to me that can’t be replaced. I am so very thankful for that man. Father Antinarelli isn’t a numbers man. The numbers came, but that’s not the thing. You can tell he is keenly concerned about the salvation of the souls and its potential final home in Heaven. The recipe is simple, tried and true. He is more like the converse of a numbers man, in contrast to the staged orchestration and designed presentation of numbers salesmen that clang dull and dim in the heart and minds of children let alone adults. The questions of why, what and how ought not need to be asked. The shepherd, if one is, should have dispelled murmurings, and have embodied a great confidence and optimism commensurate with the good challenge and immeasurable responsibility. If you are a numbers person divining the future by numbers and trends and seen quantities of goods, you are led by what you can see in your hands down a limited and uninspired path. Their human potential faction could attest to that. It seems no way for community of people let alone a diocese of Churches to travel. Numbers, rationalizations, hands held up in the air, and a perceived future, as if they can divine it, and pet projects and programs. It rings hollow. These things compounded with the flattery, the honors and awards, the esteeming of one another with titles and personal gain, the advancing of like minds and closed sessions have served each other well. Everyone is cognizant of this game or it’s denied, rationalized, or one gains the of security in it, ie. bought out or sold into. Grown men dare not speak for fear of losing their perks or projects, loss of position or advancement. Not all men. If you are awake, witness the Catholic Courier, how the images and messages are organized and presented. If it wasn’t religiously consistently rampant with the trademark characteristic of ‘the Team’ one might second guess their designs. The sheep know their shepherd by his call. Who could argue with a numbers person making complete sense? The flock unwittingly and unavoidably senses this desolation of vision and spirit. The CD missions seem a timed PR sham. The genuine sacredness and of the Holy Of Holies puts to shame these negligent workings and will be set up in its rightful place. Christ demands much more in the heart and mind of a shepherd of His little ones for such an invaluable thing. This is self evident. There is a Day coming. The things that are set up in the Holy Place and should not be, are there, defended and visible.

  4. HHippo says:

    “Ooooh boy” pretty much sums it up

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