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Ed Peters is a True Hero

February 25th, 2011, Promulgated by b a

Ed Peters is a 21st century hero of our Church.  Why, you ask?  For putting truth and justice above fears of rebuke and ridicule.  He has faced the rebukes of the Diocese of Albany (and Rochester) and not backed down.  I pray that our local hierarchical Church would one day be filled with men with half the courage he has.  This controversy was all over the news yesterday – from Whoopi’s comments, to Cuomo, to the Diocese of Albany.  Peters’ blog was even mentioned by name in the D&C yesterday.  It doesn’t do justice to snip any parts of Peters’ last response hear.  It’s short – go read it:

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2 Responses to “Ed Peters is a True Hero”

  1. annonymouse says:

    Silly Ed Peters, Jadot bishops don’t need to follow canon law!

    And who’s to say that these two divorced people who are shacking up are doing anything gravely sinful? It can’t be a scandal if it’s something you see in every network TV show, can it? And we want the Catholic Church to be acceptable to the mainstream culture, after all.

    There are to be no repercussions for our new governor’s lifestyle, not in the “progressive” Albany diocese, at least.

    The poor folks in Albany still have 979 days to go! And we thought we had it bad.

  2. Mike says:

    I loved Peters’ paragraph outlining the negative comments he has already received (“For those who disagree …”).

    It reminded me of something I read on a different subject earlier today …

    Clear and rational thought, never in abundant supply amongst us sinners, is easily choked out by the passions triggered by arguments about [insert your favorite hot-button issue here].

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