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Contemporary Images of the Blessed Virgin

February 21st, 2011, Promulgated by Bernie

 I followed a Friend’s link on FaceBook and discovered some interesting Marian images. They were created by Alfredo Arreguin, an artist originally from Mexico but residing in Seattle since 1958. He has a long list of accomplishments and recognition and is recognized as one of the originators of the so-called pattern and decoration movement in painting. He is noted for his intricately designed and brilliantly colored oil on canvas paintings. In 1995 Arreguin received the highest recognition given by the Mexican government to the commitment of distinguished individuals who perform activities that promote Mexican culture abroad.

Alfredo Arreguin is affiliated with the Linda Hodges Galley. He also has a FaceBook page here.

I doubt that these paintings were created for a church environment but I immediately thought of that use when I saw them. I think they could be appropriately used in a chancel or side chapel. Do you think so?

Liturgical art is a difficult genre and there is certainly no consensus as to what constitutes good and bad Liturgical art. To my way of thinking Liturgical art -art in the service of the Liturgy- should express a transfigured world; a redeemed world, a ‘new world.’ Images in a church should encourage us in this life by visualizing the promise the Lord made to us if we follow Him, and if we partake of His Body and Blood. I think these paintings of the Blessed Mother offer us such a vision. Was this the artist’s intention? Probably not so specifically, but I think something like a vision of a transfigured world may have been in his mind.

(Click on pictures for clearer images)

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  1. Eliza10 says:

    His pattern/decoration style of painting is very intriguing. I like the bottom two. A nice interpretation of Our Lady of Guadalupe, and the jungle one – different! But I like it.

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