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Condoms in Schools Sparks Conversation

February 5th, 2011, Promulgated by benanderson

YNN Reports (there’s video if you follow the link)

Teen pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, and increasing HIV rates are prompting a conversation in schools and the community about the effectiveness of teaching abstinence. A plan to make condoms available in Rochester high schools is causing some disagreement among parents. It’s a long debated issue that’s front and center once again.

The Catholic Diocese of Rochester did not want to comment on the issue before studying the proposal. [wow! just wow! Resorting to the crickets again.]



8 Responses to “Condoms in Schools Sparks Conversation”

  1. avatar Dr. K says:

    Their silence speaks volumes.

  2. avatar Anonymous says:

    I am not surprised. Birth control is the cornerstone of their dissest. From that, they went to all sorts of heretetrical positions. And the nuns have done so too. So to come out against birth control would be like stabbing themselves in the back.

  3. avatar Ben Anderson says:

    yes – you’re right anon. I guess I’m not really wowed. Their response is basically, “don’t ask us – we’re not allowed to tell you what we really think”. This is pretty consistent with DOR – push the progressivist agenda, but be discreet about it so as not to draw too much ire from Rome and to keep the masses in ignorance of what they really stand for.

  4. avatar Anonymous says:

    Another way they promote the progressive agenda is to give lip service to important issues like abortiuon and homosexuality.

    Every 6 months or year, the bishop will come out and proclaim the sanctity nof life and then do nothing for the rest of the year. He never praised the work of those fine high school students from McQuaid who silently prayed in front of Dr. Wartman’s abortuary.

    COncerning homosexuality, he does the same. One statement when he has to. And then, he collaborates with dignity, has pro-homosexual priests and nuns preach about homoosexuality in a positive way and attack any organization like the Catholic Physicians who defent the majesterium.

    Rotten, corrupt and sinful.

  5. avatar Jim R says:

    “Condoms in Schools Sparks Conversation” No doubt about that!!!

    “Come on over to my place tonight.”
    “OK. You got a condom?”
    “Got 5 from the counseling office. Shall we test one at lunch behind the gym?”
    “Sure! See you then. I’ve enjoyed our conversation.”
    “Me, too.”

  6. avatar Jim R says:


    You do know that the USA endorsed slavery until after the American Civil War?

    Just a hint here, guy, but the American Civil War ended in 1865 – some 300+ years AFTER the Church last “endorsed” slavery as you note above.

    Also, do you know St. Paul “endorses” slavery in his epistles? Perhaps liberal Catholics, like yourself, would like to edit Paul out of the Bible? Perhaps that’s why you edit out anything you, in your superior knowledge and gnosis, disagree with.

    No doubt you will renounce American citizenship promptly along with Christianity in general. But, maybe you’ve really already done the latter? Or, maybe you are simply a self-hating Catholic? Maybe, not even Catholic – and never were??

  7. avatar Dr. K says:

    Thank you for your response to Gordon. I have removed his posts because he spammed the same comment to five different articles, most of which were largely unrelated to his rant.

  8. avatar Jim R says:

    C’mom Dr. K. Put Gordo back! Pompous ignorance is such a great foil! 🙂

    NO NEED TO POST – don’t know how to comment otherwise.

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