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Varia – January 18

January 18th, 2011, Promulgated by Gen

I found several interesting pieces across the internet this afternoon which I thought you might enjoy if you haven’t seen them already.

The first bit of news comes from England and Wales, where the new, corrected translation will be implemented two full months early because of what can only be described as zealous enthusiasm. For more on this, just click here.

The second and third pieces of interesting news come from the New Liturgical Movement. They both show examples of what is meant by “noble simplicity.” Too many times when this is brought up as a topic of discussion here and elsewhere, people come forward defending all kinds of lunacy in the name of “noble simplicity.” Matthew Alderman quite adroitly demonstrates the difference between that concept and that which he calls “Industrial Austerity.” A nod of the miter to him.

The fourth and final item for your consideration is from a week ago. The USCCB, in a letter detailing the implementation of the new translation, has come out directly with a statement which actually holds Gregorian chant aloft, pointing to it and saying, “Hey, look at this! Sounds kind of special, doesn’t it? Kind of like it’s supposed to actually be sung at Mass? Fancy that, folks!” (I paraphrase, of course. The actual description can be found on the Chant Cafe.)

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  1. Dr. K says:

    Looks a little too simple for my taste.

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