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So Long As They’re Entertained

January 14th, 2011, Promulgated by Dr. K

Another one of the bishop’s youth Masses…

…another Broadway musical.

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13 Responses to “So Long As They’re Entertained”

  1. avatar Choirloft says:

    So why couldn’t we get a Gregorian Chant schola together for this?

  2. avatar La Sandia says:

    I could tell many stories about the crock that is “Youth Ministry” in this diocese. It wasn’t until I was in college that I recognized it for the vacuous nonsense that it was. Most of the kids that were in the high school youth group with me are no longer practicing Catholics. I can’t imagine why…

  3. avatar Choirloft says:

    LaSandia – I’ll bet your stories would be some interesting, albeit very sad readings. I take it you went to a local “Catholic (?) school? If you are inclined, share some of your thoughts and stories.

  4. avatar La Sandia says:

    Hi Choirloft,

    I grew up in the Rochester area. While I didn’t go to any of the Catholic schools, I was in the youth group at my parish during junior high and high school. Of course, out of respect for others’ privacy, I wouldn’t want to have specific people’s names published on the site. Should I compile a couple of these and send via email?

  5. avatar Bernie says:

    I LOVE the inspiring graphics that are part of the announcement!

  6. avatar jetscubs86 says:

    This is so exhausting. Our diocese can openly advertise this crap and get away with it. Unbelievable! The end is near…

  7. avatar Dr. K says:

    I would love to hear some of your stories, Sandia. You can shoot us an e-mail at:

    We always protect our readers’ privacy.

  8. avatar Eliza10 says:

    La Sandia and choirloft – I’s like to be included in the sharing, if that’s okay. Someone on this site can give one of you my email address – I give my permission here. I’m interested because I have a teen I wish could be in a Catholic youth group; however, the parishes that have youth groups make me want to stay at arm’s length. I lament my teen isn’t in one, yet, something holds me back from pursuing it. So in this context, I’d really like to hear what you have to say from your experience. My experience with youth groups is from a Protestant perspective only, as I am a convert.

  9. avatar Sister Emily says:

    I can”t believe he actually has this put in writing. I wonder if there will be electric guitars and drums with state of the art sound system. So disrespectful!

  10. avatar Nerina says:


    I have a 15 year old and a 14 year old and there is no way I would put them in any youth group right now. I haven’t heard of any really effective Catholic youth groups in the area and the one at my church is more about socializing and teaching the kids to “be nice.” They do some service projects, but they are disconnected from any real catechesis and frankly the schools provide multiple opportunities for service. What I really want from my youth group is strong catechesis that prepares kids to deal with our culture from a Catholic worldview. Another problem is that our youth group is largely attended by girls, but not too many boys (and I would prefer the boys and girls be separated anyway, which I know sounds hopelessly old-fashioned).

  11. avatar Ben Anderson says:

    and I would prefer the boys and girls be separated anyway, which I know sounds hopelessly old-fashioned

    not so old-fashioned. It seems some people are re-discovering the benefits of splitting up boys and girls.

  12. avatar Ink says:

    Instead of youth group, go to some of the classes taught by seminarians. They’re really, really good.

  13. avatar HHippo says:

    I am thinking about going to this mass and asking the Bishop and Fr. Kennedy why they don’t engage in the dancing as well? What do you think their response will be? My guess is that I will help them prove to themselves why it is inappropriate….

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