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Lay Ministers Enrich, How Exactly?

January 21st, 2011, Promulgated by benanderson

From His Excellency’s later column:

Lay ministers enrich our local church
[It’s so enriching that Catholics are flocking away from their parishes in record numbers.]

But I can’t tell you how many of them put themselves out to tell me how excited they are to be learning more about the faith they love so much. [That’s great!  It truly is, but learning more about your faith doesn’t mean you have to be a lay minister].

I don’t know how well-acquainted you are with St. Bernard’s [acquainted enough to know to stay away until there is a radical turnover in the staff]. If you have any curiosity about its mission, if you have any itch to learn more about your faith [of course “your faith” in this case isn’t referring to Catholicism – it’s referring to radical progressive pseudo-Christianity that puts the passions and fashions of the world before God], if you are drawn to serve others in pastoral ministry [and order priests around by taking over the liturgy], I encourage you to be in touch with the people there.

Reading this column reminded me of a snippet on heard on the radio the other day.  This is from the  1/7 show of CA Live titled “Evangelization through the Mass” featuring Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers regarding Barney homilies:



6 Responses to “Lay Ministers Enrich, How Exactly?”

  1. avatar Monk says:

    Bishop Clark writes “…..The liturgy I mention closed a weekend retreat I was privileged to lead for 60 participants in a lay ministry formation program in the Diocese of Orlando, Fla. They meet 10 weekends a year for three years. On nine of those weekends each year, the focus is on instruction in theology and ministry. On the 10th weekend, they enjoy a retreat experience.”

    Could this be the start of Bishop Clark’s future, leading retreats and formation for his pet project – in Florida? Sounds like a retired Bishop’s agenda to me…..change is coming!

  2. avatar Dr. K says:

    With Bishop Hubbard I would imagine.

  3. avatar Monk says:

    At least the Vatican had him contained here in Rochester for the most part. It is scary to think of him roaming around the Church spewing his nonsense.

  4. avatar Winnowing says:

    Fr. Kennedy… “Carl Gustav Jung is the greatest saint of the 20th century”.

  5. avatar Persis says:

    I have been a student @ SBSTM and will not deny the fact that some of the people there are exactly how you describe them in your commentary , Ben. As a matter of fact, I was one of them. I went to SBSTM because, in my ignornace, I thought that the Church needed to change. What I learned from my studies there was that what I “thought” church was was a far cry from what the church really was, and that part of the problem was the “change” that had been happening all of my life.

    I will admidt, from my perspective, at this point in my life, the education I received at SBSTM was extremly progressive by the standards here @ CF. It did, however, make me want to learn more and hear different points of view. I have realized that my catechises as a youngster, was not at all sound. Coming from a mixed religion background (Catholic/Episcopalian)and growing up in the 70’s & 80’s didn’t help, either! 😉

    I began studying on my own, and have benefitted greatly from CF, Catholic Anwsers, and all the other resources that have been shared.

    I am still a far cry from what most here would consider “orthodox”, but it was my time at St. Bernard’s that helped me to realize that my ideas about Chruch & religion were way out of balance, and now I am starting to correct that balance. 😀

  6. avatar Ben Anderson says:

    Thanks for sharing that, Persis. Your story is a true blessing!

    it was my time at St. Bernard’s that helped me to realize that my ideas about Chruch & religion were way out of balance

    Thanks be to God that He can bring good out of anything.

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