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Just a Bit of Housekeeping

January 28th, 2011, Promulgated by Gen

Some of the staff here has become slightly concerned at the amount of nit-picking and nay-saying on the part of some of our readers. I feel it would be best for everyone if we simply laid out the following items:

  1. If you disagree with our methodology, that’s fine. Don’t feel obligated to email us and illustrate our supposed flaws and failures in word in deed. (This being said, if you’re a priest, and you’re on the other side of a non-electronic screen inside a wooden box-like structure, that’s another matter altogether.)
  2. We will ban you from commenting (permanently or temporarily) if you treat any staffer disrespectfully. I could care less if you call us Nazis or Fascists. I don’t even care if you call us intolerant. Why? Because we are intolerant – that is, we’re intolerant of those who take it upon themselves to make moral pronouncements against our fallible efforts at orthodoxy.
  3. If you are compelled to write to us with a concern or criticism, remember that just because some of us are anonymous, it doesn’t mean we lack feeling or emotions. Name-calling and immature argumentativeness are not endearing qualities. (Note that there’s a difference between name-calling and seeing someone for who he/she is. For example, name-calling: “You’re an idiot.” Right observation: “Fr. _____ is a heretic because he denies Christ’s divinity.”)
  4. If you leave a comment which is rude, inflammatory, or jubilantly rebellious in its dissension from Church teaching, do not expect it to remain posted.

If you struggle with these simple precepts, all I can say is this:

Learn it. Live it. Love it.



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