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Rochester Catholic Elementary Schools to Return to Parish Support

December 1st, 2010, Promulgated by Dr. K

To add on to Mike’s post from earlier, the Catholic Courier has made note that all Monroe County Catholic elementary schools will be reverting back to parish control by 2012. This means that the parish will be responsible for financing the operation of the school, not that they will get to set the curriculum (the diocese will continue to do that).

From the Courier:

“As part of ongoing efforts to enhance the stability of Monroe County Catholic schools, the Diocese of Rochester announced Dec. 1 that it will reopen a school it closed in 2008 and consolidate two other schools at that building; move all sixth-grade classes to a diocesan middle school in Brighton; and revert all of its elementary schools to parish operation by 2012.”


“The announcement of the school consolidation and reopening was coupled with further news about changes to the organization of Monroe County diocesan schools. Based on the success of reverting St. Joseph and St. Lawrence schools to parish operation this past fall, Willkens Leach said the diocese will in 2011 return the following schools to parish operation: St. Louis School, Pittsford; St. John Neumann School, Irondequoit; St. Pius Tenth School, Chili; St. Rita School, Webster; and Seton Catholic School, Brighton.”

It’s great to see the diocese beginning to demonstrate a willingness to strengthen our Catholic schools. If a parish can support its school, then it deserves to stay open. Makes sense. Sadly, we will be losing two schools in the process, and I’m sure this decision will receive much debate in the coming days and months. However, the future of Catholic education in Rochester may look a little brighter with the restoration of parish-funded schools. At least I hope.

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3 Responses to “Rochester Catholic Elementary Schools to Return to Parish Support”

  1. avatar Gretchen says:

    Don’t believe everything as written by the mainstream media; MOS still has a high enrollment. They weren’t given the chance to stay open.

  2. avatar Anonymous says:

    Not true Gretchen. Ask your pastor.

  3. avatar Anonymous says:

    Revert to parish control. well. The horse is out of the barn. Central control wrecked the Catholic schools Why, in the lst year of the curent bishop’s tenure would he decide to revert back, after so much damage has been done?

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