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Reminder: Eastman @ St. Michael’s ongoing

December 23rd, 2010, Promulgated by b a

The next concert (the fourth Sunday of each month from September to June) is this Sunday, 12/26 2:30PM at St. Michael’s Church.  This is from the City Newspaper:

At 225 feet, the tallest church steeple in Rochester towers above the entire neighborhood along North Clinton leading to St. Michael’s Church. The cornerstone was laid in 1873. The thick, wooden front doors are formidable. The interior soars with Baroque arches and dramatic stained-glass windows depicting Bible stories of angelic intervention. The lighting is a golden reflection from the gilt paintings and statuary. And then, the sounds of the organ fill your ears and rumble through the floorboards.

Only toward the front of the church can you see the organist, so high is the loft and so dominant are its pipes. But, up above, comfortably familiar with the keyboards, stops, and pipes is Daniel Aune, organist and music director at St. Michael’s.

“You build concert halls for the acoustics. If you are lucky, you make it look somewhat interesting,” says Aune. “But to sit in a space like the great space at St. Michael’s, to hear great music, to be part of this overwhelming beauty…it is not your average concert experience.”


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