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A Christ-centered Youth Group? Who knew!

December 19th, 2010, Promulgated by Abaccio

Thanks to Rich Leonardi for bringing this to my attention.

The youth group at Cincinnati’s Imaculate Heart of Mary Church is rather impressive.  In addition to its substantial size, and trip down to the March For Life, the youth group webpage has an entire section devoted to, “What is the Eucharist?” and even quotes at the top, “Dear young people: The happiness you have a right to enjoy has a name and a face: it is Jesus of Nazareth, hidden in the Eucharist.” (Pope Benedict XVI) They quote scripture, they quote Ignatius of Antioch, they had a Theology of the Body Retreat!

This appears to be a very healthy parish–Their website has entire sections on Theology of the Body and Natural Family Planning.  They have perpetual Eucharistic Adoration.  Last weekend’s collections totaled a whopping $57,525! (6 weekend Masses).  Lest you think this is a huge aberration, they are averaging $43,000+ per week for the this fiscal year.    It seems to me that people are willing to tithe when their parish is actually LOYAL TO HOLY MOTHER CHURCH!

Contrast this image with that of St Paul’s in Webster, where youth minister Nora Bradbury-Haehl is a fan of such things as “Voice of the Faithful,” “Call to Action,” and Barack Obama, and routinely gives (illicit) homilies at St. Paul.  Haehl has also supported women’s ordination, both in person and in print.  Haehl once wrote of CrossRoads, (the High School youth group) “But don’t come expecting to be preached to or have religion shoved down your throat.”  Clearly this is a woman in love with her Catholic faith!

This is the garbage they feed to our youth here in Rochester.  Before sending your child to some parish-sponsored (or diocese-sponsored) youth group, do some research.  These groups can provide a group of solid friends, whose first love is Christ.   Alternatively, they can be nothing more than a secular summer camp, singing campfire songs and telling every teen that everything they choose to do is okay, just so long as they are nice, and friendly to the environment, and don’t pollute, and be tolerant.  Speaking of sin and heresy, you see, is outdated and judgmental.

News Flash!

Christ did not call us to be syrupy-sweet nice, “tolerant”, and ecological.  He called us to have faith, hope, and love.  He called us to follow His commandments.  He called us to worship and prayer.  He did not call us to pompously dissent, but to humbly obey.  He did not call us to congregationalism, but to be ONE, as He and the Father are one.

Pray for the youth and young adults of our diocese!

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5 Responses to “A Christ-centered Youth Group? Who knew!”

  1. Catholic Dad says:

    At Fairport’s Assumption parish, we have a wonderful youth group under the direction of Youth Ministry Director, Marie Claus. Since my son joined the youth group, he has participated in Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, “Life Night” sessions on the sanctity of human life, and has gone on retreat at Franciscan University of Steubenville. My family enjoys going to the Sunday night “Teen Mass” because, ironically, it has a much more traditional quality than other masses. The times are changing!

  2. Faithful says:

    You are right–loyality to Holy Mother Church will bring light and life where before there was darkness and sin.

    I think part of the issue also is the parents. You can have the most orthodox parish in the world, replete with 24/7 exposition, rosarys, etc. If this is not reinforced by the parents, it will not sink in with the youth.

    In many cases, the parents need evangelization just as much as their children do.

  3. benanderson says:

    In many cases, the parents need evangelization just as much as their children do.

    right on Faithful.

    Catholic Dad,
    Those things are quite commendable. I was curious about the Life Teen mass, so I viewed one of them on the website. However well intentioned, there’s a LOT left to be desired. Again, all of those things you mentioned are commendable and encouraging, but we have a loooong way to go to restore orthodoxy in worship. I cringe to think of what the other masses are like if these Life Teen masses are more traditional.

  4. Catholic Dad says:

    Points well taken, benanderson…I understand your concerns. And, yes, I am encouraged- to borrow your word- by the young people at Sunday PM mass.

    You know, I was also very encouraged by how the young generation by the tens of thousands “led the way” at the last March for Life.

    I do believe positive change is coming! I suspect we can credit John Paul the Great, among others, for this renewal. Have a great (rest of) Advent!

  5. benanderson says:

    Catholic Dad,
    Yes, it seems the American church is finally headed in a more positive direction. Rochester will eventually get on board. It might take baby steps, but at least once we start heading in the right direction, we’ll have something to look forward to. Thanks for sharing and please continue to offer more comments in the future 🙂

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