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This Guy is Such an (insert charitable word for “idiot”)

November 28th, 2010, Promulgated by Gen

As heard on television:

“Latin has no place in modern society, per se.”

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6 Responses to “This Guy is Such an (insert charitable word for “idiot”)”

  1. Bernie says:

    Who said that?

  2. Marcus says:

    That reminds me of a similar comment G. K. Chesterton once overheard… Something like, “The learning of ancient Greek has no place in a modern democracy.” Oh, come now… =P

  3. Gretchen says:

    “…per se…” /irony

  4. Fr. Ed says:


  5. Scott W. says:

    He gets a double whammy. Not only is there the irony of using Latin per se, but he is not using per se correctly.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Maybe the interviewer’s name was Percy.

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