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Cesar Chavez Catholic Parish?

November 16th, 2010, Promulgated by Dr. K

Yes… “Cesar Chavez” is one of the names being considered by the Northeast Rochester planning team of Deb Housel and Fr. Paul Gitau to become the name for the new three-church parish in that part of the city. Were the names “Susan B. Anthony Catholic community” or “Rev. Jesse Jackson parish” not available?

Below is the voting form handed out to parishioners:

N.E. Rochester parish name ballot


In related news, it appears that the N.E. Rochester cluster is one step closer to moving forward with the plan to consolidate using three sites: St. Michael, Corpus Christi, and Church of the Annunciation. The following is a comment from a N.E. Rochester parishioner:

“This Sunday, 9-14-2010, we received word via Fr.Paul Gitau that the recommendation that St. Andrew’s Church close was approved by the council of priests and now, only needed to be approved by Bishop Clark.”

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17 Responses to “Cesar Chavez Catholic Parish?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    there’s no way this is okay…

  2. Abaccio says:

    There were thirty-five people at St Michael’s English Mass Sunday. There were 1000 at St Thomas the Apostle.

    We don’t have enough priests to keep STA open for one Mass per weekend?

  3. Gen says:

    My personal vote goes to Che Guevara Roman Catholic Community.

  4. Mike says:

    How about “Wrath of God” Parish?

  5. Just how many name changes do these churches(and people)have to be put through? It seems they change names every couple of years.

    How about “Light of Christ at Our Lady of the Angels in the Americas?”

  6. Abaccio says:

    How about we call the parish “Greeters, Paul, and Larry”?

    I’m looking forward to their hit single “Fluff the Tragic Homily”

  7. John G. says:

    I’ve lived all over the west, even the somewhat looney Dioease of Seattle. I now live in central Texas. I traveled to Rochester mainy times a year from 2001 to 2009 and often spent the weekends and visited many parishes in the Rochester area. In all the places I’ve been outside of Rochester in my 60 years as aCatholic I had never experienced any real significant abuse of the liturgy. A few screwups, miss chosen song now and then but nothing as blatent as I encountered in Rochester. I had a hard time finding a “real” catholic parish. I really feel for you. I saw and met some very nice people at most parishes but I sometime couldn’t recognize the mass. I hope God blesses you with a real Bishop, it’s painful even for me a west coast kid to see one of Bishop Sheen’s diocese fall into such a mess. I can’t believe they let your present Bishop be there since 1979 – guess nobody else wanted him.

  8. Vox Clara says:

    To be “multicultural”…
    Our Lady of Guadalupe or San Miguel Pro Suarez or Santa Rosa de Lima…? Or at least someone who is known for being Catholic as opposed to anything else!?

  9. Gretchen says:

    My vote goes with the Fidel Castro parish. Fidel, from “fides” – trustworthy or faithful. Just about the right level of irony for DoR!

  10. Anonymous says:

    How about the church of St. BS. That fits with al that is happening through the DOR!

  11. Louis E. says:

    I was reading on another blog lately that there is or was a canon that actually requires a merged parish to use the name of the oldest merging parish.Does this in fact not exist…or only if a bishop thinks it doesn’t?

  12. mmkf says:

    This is so stupid. Make a big production and show of getting “lay input” however when you read the fine print the ultimate selection, after a majority vote of the top three most popular names, is the privilege of the Bishop. The laity can go crazy and do back handstands all they want but at the end of the day the strange and esoteric practices in that diocese are the distinct and intentional choices of this particular Bishop, not the will of the people nor the reflection of the always true sound doctrine. Why must the laity of this diocese be subjected to this weirdness? Merely because he says so…How great it would be if the people were able to trust and expect consistency, reverence, and fidelity across dioceses in the USA, regardless of the eccentricities of whoever wields the power…As absurd as it is, perhaps Chavez parish ought to garner the winning votes and then we would see how extreme and bizarre things really are lately.

  13. Anonymous says:

    How about Roberto Duran Parish? After the famous boxer. If he’s strong enough to fight Sugar Ray Leonard, and Marvin Hagler, then why wouldn’t he be strong enough to be a patron for a parish in Rochester?

  14. Dr. K says:

    Make a big production and show of getting “lay input” however when you read the fine print the ultimate selection, after a majority vote of the top three most popular names, is the privilege of the Bishop.

    Indeed. He is also free to choose a name that was not among those recommended by the parishioners.

  15. Dr. K says:

    I was reading on another blog lately that there is or was a canon that actually requires a merged parish to use the name of the oldest merging parish.

    Do you remember where you saw this?

  16. Louis E. says:

    It comes up in the first comment,not in the post itself:
    Actually it looks like the parish can be renamed,but it’s implied that the oldest parish’s church building,un-renamed,has to be its “head”.

  17. I believe that I already posted a comment regarding the renaming of the NorthEast cluster. The Sunday the list of names came out for us to vote on or enter our own name, a woman parishioner said she wanted to write in “Church of the Evaporation.” The D.O.R. does not realize the liability that it is opening itself up to by picking Annunciation over St. Andrew’s. St. Andrew’s entrance off a large parking lot, has no steps and has an area where handicapped parishioners can be dropped off. There is also handicapped parking near that entrance. There are wide doorways,aisles,open pew, and space between the altar and pews, not only allow the handicapped to get in and about, but serve as eucharistic ministers and lectors during mass. The space between the altar and pews on the left hand side allows an interpreter for the deaf to sign during the mass.St.Andrew’s which was renovated within the last 10 years, just put in a new state of the art handicapped bathroom from grant money.At St. Andrew’s, where the combined congregation of Annunciation and St. Andrew’s can be accomodated, parishoners who have difficulty walking,climbing steps,or getting up, can easily get into the church and also push up from a bolted pew to stand up.If the D.O.R. goes with Annunciation, I think the Center for Disability Rights would have something to say, since Annunciation would not accomodate any of these things. Also, I anticipate falls happening on the steep cement steps up into the church at Annunciation, especially in the wintertime. There also would be a potential for falls on the steep steps down to bathrooms in the basement. Even if they installed a lift for those in wheelchairs, what happens if more than one, two, or three persons in wheelchairs show up to use the lift at one time. They also cannot use their power chairs in the basement so there also would have to be multiple spare wheelchairs on hand and people to assist. If there was a fire, electrical outage, or misfunction of the lift, those in wheelchairs would be stranded in the basement. Some of those in wheelchairs also have health issues that are monitor/isulin injection-food dependent and other medicine dependent.

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