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Bishop Clark’s Third Visit to a Parish… In One Year???

November 4th, 2010, Promulgated by Dr. K

If anyone does not believe that our bishop displays favoritism toward certain parishes and administrators, check out the following from Holy Name of Jesus in Greece:

Three visits in a single year! Has the bishop once made a visit to St. Stanislaus for the diocese’s only Sunday obligation Extraordinary Form Mass in the two decades of its existence? Correct me if I’m wrong, but hasn’t Bishop Clark failed to make a single trip to Our Lady of Victory since it was named a personal parish? While the bishop has been avoiding the traditional communities of the diocese, he has made several trips to the parishes of Sr. Joan Sobala and then-administrator Nancy DeRycke.

And once more, how come the bishop goes out of his way to celebrate Holy Name parish while at the same time he is attempting to close down the larger St. Thomas the Apostle community?

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22 Responses to “Bishop Clark’s Third Visit to a Parish… In One Year???”

  1. Mary-Kathleen says:

    Bishop Clark came to Our Lady of Victory for the annual Red Mass in which Cardinal Avery Dulles participated. After that the bishop decided the Red Mass should be held at Sacred Heart Cathedral.

  2. RochChaCha says:

    What does it mean to be identified as a ‘personal parish’?

  3. Bill B. says:

    A little surfing indicated that a personal parish is a church that is Anglican use. I guess it is for disenting Episcopalians legaly able to worship with us?

    Oh well. As long as we have a priest saying mass, what more can we ask for?

  4. Mary-Kathleen says:

    The Red Mass at Our Lady of Victory for which Avery Cardinal Dulles, SJ, was the celebrant and homilist was on September 24, 2004.

  5. Mary-Kathleen says:

    Canon 518—As a general rule a parish is to be territorial, that is it embraces all the Christian faithful within a certain territory; whenever it is judged useful, however, personal parishes are to be established based upon rite, language, the nationality of the Christian faithful within some territory or some other determining factor.

  6. Dr. K says:

    Thank you for the info on the OLV visit, Mary-Kathleen!

  7. Gen says:

    A personal parish is not limited solely to Anglican use communities.

  8. Anonymous says:

    The explanation is very simple. Bishop Clark does not simply show up at a parish. He goes where he is invited. Fr. Gagnier often tries to have special liturgical celebrations and will invite the Bishop to celebrate them. Bishop Clark is very generous in trying to get to as many places and events as he is invited to.

  9. benanderson says:

    yeah – I’m not sure we should fault him for not attending certain parishes. Do you think he’d be welcomed? If he showed up at a more traditionally minded parish, I gotta think the focus would be taken off of Jesus in the Eucharist and instead be on the drama of having the liberal bishop in attendance.

  10. Anonymous says:

    There was an error in the article. It was supposed to read Deacon Mary Ann Binsack. Seeing her perform duties that she performs aggravates me to no end.

  11. Mike says:

    Anon. 2:12 wrote, “Bishop Clark does not simply show up at a parish. He goes where he is invited.”

    … or he goes where he invites himself.

    From Bishop Clark’s homily at Holy Cross Church on Sunday, September 5 …

    I’m here only because I had no formal commitments this weekend and realized I hadn’t prayed with you in a while and I wanted to come and join you for Sunday worship and Fr. Tom was kind enough to arrange for that and I thank him for it.

  12. Bill B. says:

    Splitting hairs. Sometimes I think we grouse TOO much. Let’s concentrate on better issues.

  13. Dr. K says:

    Let’s concentrate on better issues.

    Oh, we will.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Bishop Clark refused to hold the Red Mass at OLV as it always has been. That location is good for the attorneys who practice downtown. It is difficult for them to go to Sacred Heart. But he was inflexible.

    He also tried splitting the allegience of the St. Thomas More Lawyer’s guild, an organization that has bravely defended the majesterium. He was tird of the guild bringing in pro-majesterium speakers. So making life tough for the Catholic lawyers is part of his vindictive agenda, similar to what he did to the Catholic Physicians who also defended the majesterium.

  15. Scott & Mary says:

    Some corrections need to be made and mentioned. I am a parishioner at OLV and Bishop Clark DID NOT attend the Red Mass when Cardinal Dulles (who had been made Cardinal priest just prior to this)said this particular Mass. The Station of the Cross was there and a tent had to be put up in the parking lot to handle the overflow of attendees. There were many many priests there as well but the Bishop was not among them!

    Soon after this the Bishop co-opted the Red Mass and would no longer allow it at OLV. This was to the chagrin of the orthodox attorneys that were in the Lawyers Guild but they had no choice.

    About 4 years ago Bishop Clark did visit OLV for a Saturday evening Mass. I did not attend per the advice of some friends because of my poor opinion of the Bishop and his agenda for our diocese. But he did compliment Fr. A on the daily availability of confession and Binsack had a very minor part to play during the liturgy which is not her normal mode of operation.

    Just wanted to offer some clarification with some of the statements contained within this site.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Love your enemies. Be kind to them. Turn the other cheek. But in Rochester, be as vindictive as possible. What an example the Catholic leader is setting. Totally anti Christian.

    Do it my way because if you have any influence in my diocese and you cross me, I will try to crush you, like I did with the Catholic Physicians and like I am trying to do with the Catholic Lawyers.

  17. Jean says:

    We have a Trad. Mass offered for B. Clark once a year at St. Stans. If he ever showed up at one of them, I’d think he was going to shut us down!

  18. Anonymous says:

    He would never be caught dead there at St. Stans. He hates the latin mass. Had to be ordered by the Vatican to allow it. And Fr. Bonsignore is an outcast yet he is faithful to Christ. Anything tinting of traditionalism this bishop hates and tries to destroy.

  19. Dan says:

    Thank you for the correction Scott & Mary.

    I recall that Bishop Clark refused to attend the Red Mass with Cardinal Dulles at Our Lady of Victory. That was a personal insult against the Cardinal.

    Very soon, all of Bishop Clark’s destruction and even his name will be forgotten.

    Eight centuries ago in the Italian town of Assisi, a young man named Francis had an experience that changed history. As he knelt before the crucifix in the church of San Damiano, Francis heard Christ speak: “Francis, go rebuild my church, which is falling down.”

  20. Anonymous says:

    I worry what will hapen after he retires. Bishop Clark recently gave a talk to the priests convovation in the Diocese ofn Syracuse. He was very amiable, like he can be. It is very appealing because it sounds so compassionate, warm and fuzzy. HE talked about his “spiritual journey with Christ”. I think he is positioning himself for after he retires. He wants to spresd his heresy and what would be nicer that a friendly diocese where he is welcomed by naieve priests to come in a preach or give seminars.

    And he will say what he said in Rochester in the 1980’s. “Women have been unjustly treated in the church,(with the Sr. Joan adjenda his aim), we must be compassionate to gays, (Then he intends all thestuff he has done with homosexuals and their adjenda), the church has been mean and autocratic in her dealings with dogma,(his rigid and aoutortarian means of promoting heresy). What a serpent!

  21. I am the Pastor of Holy Name of Jesus Church. Bishop Clark lives 2 miles from us. Two of the three visits of Bishop Clark were on WEEKDAYS. The 1st was Epiphany, January 3 last year. This date would be our Feast (Holy Name of Jesus) had it not been on a Sunday. The Bishop blessed the 15 Stations formerly at St. Phillip Neri Church. We gave Bishop Clark a ceremonial $180,000 “check” in honor of paying off our full debt to the Diocese the previous week. We remain debt-free to this day. The 2nd visit was my anniversary when the Bishop blessed the crucifix shown behind him in the photo. This crucifix was in the old rectory at Our Lady of Mercy. The 3rd visit as shown was the 43rd anniversary of the first Mass at Holy Name. Bishop Clark blessed the former daily Mass altar from Our Lady of Mercy. This is the 2nd time this blogger did not check the facts with me before writing about me and about Holy Name of Jesus Parish.

  22. Dr. K says:

    My point is that the bishop visits certain parishes often (St. Mary downtown, St. Anne) while avoiding others (Our Lady of Victory — 1 visit there in nearly a decade, St. Thomas, St. Stanislaus TLM community — has never received a visit to my knowledge).

    My prior mistake which you are referencing was indeed a mistake. I had attended Holy Name a few years back when the priest let a lay person preach the homily. I mistakenly thought it was you, when in fact it was another priest. Your arrival was a couple of weeks after this Mass. I apologize for that past error.

    Though the following does concern me: To your credit, we have not heard about any lay preaching at Holy Name during your tenure. In fact, we have heard good things about the changes which have taken place there.

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