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Kudos to Bishop Clark…

November 1st, 2010, Promulgated by Dr. K

… for indirectly referencing Cleansing Fire in a new Catholic Courier article, albeit in a negative sense.

“Bishop Clark acknowledged that he’s aware of several websites and blogs critical of his perceived liberalism on such issues as liturgical dance, gender-inclusive language and women serving as pastoral administrators. His Internet detractors also blame the bishop for a lack of priestly vocations in this diocese and lack of control over his people. Some even call for his resignation, although, with 31-plus years behind him in Rochester, he has the second-longest tenure of any bishop in diocesan history [How long he has served really means nothing. First, he was one of the youngest priests to be appointed bishop in recent history. Second, the Vatican rarely removes prelates. Take for example all the bishops who have not been removed for involvement in the sexual abuse scandal].

The bishop quickly dismissed this type of commentary. “I don’t read the blogs in general, to be honest with you. From what I’ve heard, they’re inflammatory and one-sided,” he said.”

This passage is from one of a series of posts the Catholic Courier has run on polarization in the Catholic Church. It’s a decent, largely balanced read that can be accessed here:

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11 Responses to “Kudos to Bishop Clark…”

  1. avatar Abaccio says:

    When did Bishop Gen loan you his mitre? Or are you the coadjutor of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Cleansing Fire? 😛

  2. avatar Dr. K says:

    You happy now? lol

  3. avatar Monk says:

    “I don’t read the blogs in general, to be honest with you”…….ya right……you can bet that Bishop Clark and his court keep an eye on Cleansing Fire every day!

  4. avatar Dr. K says:

    Monk, a number of people “in the know” have told us that the diocese reads the blog regularly. If that includes Bishop Clark, we do not know. I tend to think he is a reader.

  5. avatar Bernie says:

    Well, let’s see: Cleansing Fire – inflammatory, I guess so. One sided? I hope so. We’ve had enough of the other side rammed down our throats!

  6. avatar Anonymous says:

    Oh, Bishop Clark, you trickster, trying to pretend you don’t pay attention to all of the blogs. I know for a fact that certain priests at the U of R have been yelled at by certain people who run young adult ministry for the diocese for stories that were posted on certain local blogs which may or may not have been named Rochester Catholic. Certain priests told me as much while yelling at me about sending in certain stories!

  7. avatar Abaccio says:

    One sided, eh? What side is that? Loyal to Holy Mother Church? He clearly never read grosswirth’s blog, or a couple other less notorious (and less schismatic, though not much less heretical) ones that were floating around.

  8. avatar Mike says:

    Mr. Latona quotes from an article by the late Rev. John Hardon, S.J. That same article ends with these words

    The holder of the Petrine Office is the direct descendent of Peter to whom were handed the keys of the kingdom. His mandate is clear; our duty as Roman Catholics is to adhere to both the letter and the Spirit as the Holy Father delineates them for us, not pick and choose those aspects of Catholicism more to our liking. As 2 John 9 reminds us, anyone who “does not remain rooted in the teaching of Christ does not possess God, while anyone who remains rooted in the teaching possesses both Father and the Son.”

    I know of no Cleansing Fire blogger who wants anything more – or less! – than this.

  9. Pastoral planning groups and their parishes are told not to read the Rochester blogs.

    The pastoral planning office personnel must be regular readers of Cleansing Fire.

  10. avatar Dr. K says:

    Pastoral planning groups and their parishes are told not to read the Rochester blogs.

    Yeah, you wouldn’t want them reading the truth, or hearing the pain of those being affected by their decisions.

  11. avatar Mike says:


    I know for a fact that one of DOR’s PPNM liaison people has been reading my stuff. About a year ago we had a face-to-face conversation about the content of one of my posts on DORCatholic.

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