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The New Irondequoit Parish Staff

October 12th, 2010, Promulgated by Dr. K

Fr. Tanck has released the names of the people who will make up the staff for the newly created Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha parish in Irondequoit (comprising Christ the King [CTK], St. Thomas the Apostle [STA], St. Salome [SS], St. Margaret Mary [SMM], and St. Cecilia [SC]).

Below is the list of the staff members, along with their church affiliation (excl. maintenance crew):

Donna Moll (Pastoral associate) [SS]
Mary Ann Noto (Pastoral associate) [SC]
Donna Walker (Pastoral associate/senior) [SMM/St. Anne community]
Mary Ann Obark (Faith Formation) [CTK]
Charles Prindle (Asst. Faith Formation) [SMM]
Jean Grizard (Music) [CTK]
Sarah Mancini (Asst. music) [SMM]
Jack Fianacca (Asst. music) [SC]
Kevin Spears (Youth) [SMM]
Karin Spears (Youth) [SMM]
Ruth Bailey (Youth) [CTK]
Jeff Bailey (Youth) [CTK]
John Luken (Business manager) [STA]
Mary Merkel (Asst. business manager) [CTK]

The number of staff members per Irondequouit Pastoral Planning Group parish:

SC 2
SS 1

So much for Fr. Tanck’s claim that he wishes to “combine(s) all the best of the five former parishes into a new, stronger and unified community.” Ten of the 14 staff members for Blessed K. T. parish are from two of the five churches. Surprise surprise, Christ the King is out there in front with five, while STA is bringing up the rear with only one staff member.

I also wish to point out the positions being filled by these staff members. St. Thomas the Apostle does not have a single staff member in the areas of music, faith formation, youth “ministry,” or as a pastoral associate. The only position given to a St. Thomas parishioner is the job of business manager. If it wasn’t obvious before that the diocese had an agenda to eliminate St. Thomas’ traditional practices, it should be apparent now since STA does not have a single staff member in a position of influence pertaining to the celebration of the liturgy or education of the congregation.

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16 Responses to “The New Irondequoit Parish Staff”

  1. Adolfo says:

    His Excellency, Bishop Clark has a difficult and sometimes thankless job. We must support him in his efforts as our Shepherd. No one will be completely happy with these new arrangements, but he’s doing what he thinks is right. God bless him.

  2. Louis E. says:

    Will you also pray for a successor who sees it as a priority to change what Bishop Clark has been mistaken in thinking is right,and the difficulties that will confront him?

  3. Dr. K says:

    but he’s doing what he thinks is right.

    Not trying to make a connection here, but I’m pretty sure Hitler thought what he was doing was “right.”

  4. Anonymous says:

    Aldofo, This bishop has done yomens work to eliminate anything smacking of traditional and orthodox catholocism. He has suppreseed groups that supported the Majesterial teachings. He has advocated and allowed heresy to contaminats the souls of the sheep he vowed to protect. He condones conduct that is sinful. I am not sure I can support him and his efforts because they run against Christ.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Bishop Clark and his Female side-kick need our prayers real bad. They are leading the diocese astray!!!

  6. Bill B. says:

    Sidekick? The first letter is correct, “S.” She is his secretary. One of his past secretaries was Father Tomoso (sp?). He held the book just as steady.

  7. Gen says:

    But you’ve got to admit, Sr. MaryAnn totally rocks that alb.

    And if you actually look at the programs from diocesan functions, she is the master of ceremonies – not just a secretary. It is customary for this role to be filled by a Monsignor or another priest of solid liturgical reputation. Bishop Clark is the only bishop I am aware of who uses a woman as an MC.

    And for the sake of not offending anyone’s gender sensitivities, let’s call Sr. MaryAnn the Mistress of Ceremonies.

  8. Monk says:

    The parish consolidation was supposed to reduce expenses, especially personnel. My guess is when all is said and done, Irondequoit parish personnel expenses will actually increase. Staff expenses increased when the three Irondequoit parishes clustered.

  9. Bernie says:

    Do we know how these folks were chosen? From the bulletin announcement the diocesan human resources department did interviewing. I assume people had to apply for each position. I would like to hear from Father or someone in charge how the representation came to be what it is. How many people applied from each of the ‘former’ parishes?

  10. Anonymous says:

    Why can’t the priests administer their churches? Why do they need three pastoral administrators? What will that cost!!

  11. Monk says:

    Good luck Bernie trying to get any truthful information from Fr. Tanck….if you can find him!

  12. Dominic says:

    Isn’t it interesting that they chose as business manager the man who, according to those in favor of closing down St. Thomas, managed the most fiscally unsound parish in Irondequoit?

  13. Monk says:

    Hey, Dominic, well maybe its because he knows where all the money is! As Jesse James said when asked why he robs banks…because that’s where the money is!

  14. Gilbert Nelson says:

    Whatever happened to Deacon Thomas Beck, one of the “good guys?”

  15. Monk says:

    Gilbert, Fr. Tanck has yet to announce the “support staff” for the new parish. This will include the deacons. Beck was a pastoral associate so one can assume he has lost his job as pastoral associate. One can debate whether he was one of the “good guys.” He did nothing to support his STA parish through the entire process.

  16. Bill B. says:

    I looked at the STA website to answer Gilbert Nelson’s question. It appears that Deacon Beck has not been around for ten years.

    “…In late October of 2000, our Deacon Tom Beck began a ministry as pastoral associate at the Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Brockport…”

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