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Thank Bishop Clark for Catholic Radio

October 28th, 2010, Promulgated by benanderson

From the Station of the Cross’ October newsletter (pdf warning):

message from the president on p2

Also, at WHIC 1460 AM in Rochester, Bishop Clark blessed our
new office in the historic East Avenue location on September
13th. As you know, our Catholic radio network always operates
in cooperation with the local bishop of any area that we broadcast
our signal, and we are thankful that Bishop Clark made time in his
busy schedule to bless our office in Rochester.

more on p4 by Mary Jo Maurer

On Monday, September 13th, The Station of the Cross Catholic
Radio Network was honored to have Matthew Clark, Bishop of
Rochester, visit the studio on East Avenue to bless the new WHIC
offices. Jim Wright (founder of Holy Family Communications),
Jack Palvino, Mary Ellen Capese, Mary Jo Maurer (Community
Action Associate), Doug Mandelero (Communications Director for
the Diocese), Diane Harris, and a number of “media missionary”
volunteers were present as the Bishop led the group in prayer and
the reading of the Psalms as he dedicated the studio.
As always, Bishop Clark graciously made time to visit with all
the guests. He wished the station well and offered his hope for
continued success and growth in the ministry of Catholic radio.
We gratefully thank Bishop Clark for taking the time to recognize
the value of Catholic radio and offering
his blessing.

There’s also a couple of interesting ads on p6 – one for OLV and one for the Rosary for Priestly Vocations.

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