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Stained Glass by Reinarts

October 16th, 2010, Promulgated by Bernie

Here are some very nice stained glass windows created by Reinarts Stained Glass Studios, Inc. They were created for Holy Family Church in St. Louis Park, MN.

The Finding of Moses, Moses Receives the Ten Comandments, and the Burning Bush. The Finding of Moses could be interpreted as an image of the 'Ever Virgin' Mary

The Resurrection

The Descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles (Pentecost). I only count eight apostles and no Mary (?)

Why do I like them?

Primarily because the iconography is traditional and easily ‘readable’ and the rendering is appropriately stylized -not too abstract or distorted. The faces are more realistically rendered than the clothing which is a subtle suggestion of the doctrine of the Incarnation and Divination (a combination of realism -body (matter)- and abstraction -spirit). The colors are simply balanced between cool colors on the figures and warm, yellow based colors dominating the backgrounds. The yellow dominated background is imitative of the gold mosaic and gold leaf renderings of pre-Renaissance religious art. Such backgrounds symbolize a heavenly scene or a spiritual ‘seeing.’ The predominance of high intensity colors throughout the designs establishes an overall harmony and is also suggestive of a spiritual state.

This is not masterpiece liturgical art by any stretch; it verges on being a little too simple -something like coloring book art. But it isn’t too simple and I think that is a part of its attraction for me is the very fact that it flirts with that fault.

I’m guessing these windows were fairly afforable which is the real reason why I bring them to your attention. Good, high quality, creatively designed works of liturgical art are well within reach of all parishes.

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  1. Pater Ignotus says:

    I know the pastor and people of this church because I have preached there many times and I can tell you that they are very orthodox and would be sure to choose windows for their beauty as well as affordability. Just a little fyi for those who have never been to Holy Family Church.

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