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St. Vincent de Paul to be Sold

October 30th, 2010, Promulgated by Dr. K

St. Vincent de Paul church, part of the All Saints parish in Corning, is to be sold to Providence Housing. The following appears on the Saving our Parish blog, created by parishioners of this community.

“That All Saints Parish accepts the proposal from Providence Housing Development Corporation to purchase the St. Vincent de Paul campus for the minimum offer of $350,000 subject to the following contingencies to be further defined by Deacon Dean Condon:
1. Diocesan approval.
2. Commitment to use property for Senior Housing.
3. Salvage rights for religious items.
4. Allow Providence Housing at least two attempts to get financing with final date of December 2013.
5. Price agreement based on average of two appraisals with minimum purchase price of $350,000.”

According to the blog, the parishioners are planning to appeal this move to sell the St. Vincent de Paul church. There is also a website located at

Please keep these people in your prayers, and offer whatever assistance you can.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Reading the parishioners blog shows that the same DoR “game plan” is in effect in Corning as in other parts of the diocese such as St. Thomas the Apostle. What a disgusting injustice! Bishop Clark is dismantling the Catholic church in the DoR.

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