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Richard McDissident on Pope John Paul II

October 7th, 2010, Promulgated by Dr. K

From the National Catholic Pile of Garbage:

“The facts are that John Paul I lived only thirty-three days as Pope and that John Paul II, elected at the relatively young age of 58, served as Bishop of Rome for 26 ½ years. During that time, John Paul II pursued a conscious plan to transform the hierarchy into a rigid, authoritarian body, utterly dependent on the Vatican for rewards and punishments of every kind.

With few exceptions, that plan has succeeded.”

Looks like we have found Fr. Shaw’s inspiration.

Note also how Fr. McBrien calls JP I “Pope” but JPII is only viewed as the “Bishop of Rome” in his eyes. Can’t wait to see this piece printed in the Catholic Courier.

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6 Responses to “Richard McDissident on Pope John Paul II”

  1. Nerina says:

    Oh, yes. John Paul II, that “rigid, authoritarian” pope! How many people were formally disciplined under his reign again? That’s right, about 25 during his 26 year pontificate. Let’s review some of the names:

    Fr. Jacque Pohier
    Fr. Charles Curran
    Fr. Hans Kung
    Fr. Edward Schillebeeckx
    Fr. Leonard Boff
    Fr. Anthony Kosnick
    Fr. Gustavo Gutierrez
    Fr. Karl Rahner
    Fr. Matthew Fox
    Sr. Mary Agnes Mansour
    Srs. Elizabeth Morancy and Arlene Violet
    Archbishop Raymond Hunthausen
    Fr. Ernesto Cardanal
    Fr. Robert Nugent and Sr. Jeanne Grammick
    Fr. John McNeil
    Srs. Barbara Ferraro and Patricia Hussey
    Archbishop Marcel LeFevre
    Fr.Tissa Belasuriya
    Fr. Eugen Drewermann
    Sr. Ivone Gebara
    Bishop Jacque Gaillot

    You can see a letter from Karl Keating at Catholic Answers with more details:

    I believe Fr. Z would say that McBrien continues to take agonal breaths as the progressive movement in the church dies.

  2. Nerina says:

    As an aside, if readers dare to scroll through the comments at the NCReporter, be prepared. You may find yourself frustrated and annoyed. I’m not surprised by the amount of “progressive drivel,” but I am still surprised by the amount of ignorance about the Church, the Church’s founder, the organizational structure of the Church and the animus toward JPII (who, while certainly not perfect, served the Church well).

  3. Abaccio says:

    and yet, McBrien hasn’t been fired, and Curran remains a priest in good standing. Apparently they’re the “few exceptions” that managed to avoid JPII’s horribly authoritarian, evil dictator ways…

    Hey Tricky Dick McHeretic: If you hate the church hierarchy so much, why don’t you LEAVE?! Go on, become a southern baptist or something. Oh wait, nevermind, they still believe Baptism is necessary…I hear the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster needs a new chaplain. Hop to it, big boy!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Last week in the ” Catholic Sun” The Syracuse Catholic there was an article about the O’bama administration putting pressure on the Philippine government to introduce contraception. Was there any mention of this in the Courier? I will hold my tongue until I get some feedback.

  5. Anonymous says:

    If you want to see a rigid authoritarian body, just observe how our diocesan leaders manage relations in the diocese, ie the cathedral, parish closings and teaching doctrine. Funny how Mc Brien calls JP2 rigid. Why does he not take a look at individuals like Cardinal Mahoney, Bishops Weakland and Clark. This rigid nonsense is just a rant and should go into the toilet where all garbage belongs.

  6. Raymond Rice says:

    Nerina: you forgot Marcial Maciel!!

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