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More Episcopalians Come Home

October 25th, 2010, Promulgated by Gen

Mt. Calvary Church in Baltimore, founded in 1842, has voted to enter the Catholic Church. In Fr. Z’s words, “Pope Benedict is the Pope of Christian Unity.”

Mount Calvary voted on two resolutions today at a special meeting following 10:00 Mass:

1) That Mt. Calvary Church separate itself from The Episcopal Church, and

2) That Mt. Calvary Church seek admission to the Roman Catholic Church as an Anglican Use parish.

Both resolutions passed by majorities of almost 85%.

The ballots were counted by two disinterested outsiders: Dr. Daniel Page (a friend of many parishioners who lives nearby) and Sister Mary Joan of the All Saints’ Sisters of the Poor.

The ballots were counted in the presence of the Rev. Scott Slater, Canon to the Ordinary of the Diocese of Maryland.

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