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Milwaukee ordains five new priests

October 15th, 2010, Promulgated by Mike

This powerful video presents an inspirational look at the May 15, 2010 ordinations of Antony Primal Thomas, Erich Weiss, Matthew Widder and Charles Wrobel as priests for the Archdiocese of Milwaukee.  The rite took place at Milwaukee’s Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist with Archbishop Jerome Listecki presiding.

Archdiocese of Milwaukee Ordination from Darrell Boeck on Vimeo.

Transitional Deacon John Burns was ordained nine weeks later, bringing the archdiocese’s 2010 ordination class up to five.

More information here and here.


4 Responses to “Milwaukee ordains five new priests”

  1. avatar Bernie says:

    Excellent video!
    Off topic, but: It’s unfortunate they still have that monstrous “nail” crucifix hanging over the altar in their cathedral. I also notice they they have their very own Sacred Organ.

  2. avatar Jim R says:

    I for one would vote to first remove the frieze likeness of HE Rembert – and charge it to himself as a penance for the hubris that led to both it and the use of archdiocesan funds to pay off his lover – while having the gall to denigrate Rome in his latest auto-hagiographic self-serving remembrances.

    After that a more suitable renovation of this neo-baroque gem is in order. It amazes me how people with no taste nor any sense of style could seriously think that the modernistic reservations somehow are artistically, architecturally and esthetically appropriate. The Emperor has no clothes! However that crucifix and other changes might fit a Church of modern design, they are out of place in late 19th century architecture of this type.

  3. avatar Jim R says:

    erh? make that “renovations” not “reservations” ooops!

  4. avatar Nerina says:

    Very moving. It looks and sounds like a “Grassroots Films” productions (if you haven’t seen the films “Fisher of Men” and “God in the Streets of NY” do yourself a favor at check them out here:

    I get choked up every time I watch them – especially with “God in the Streets of NY.”)

    I don’t think there is anything more profound then when the priest lays prostrate in front of the altar. Just beautifully symbolic.

    And Jim R, I get what you’re saying. Overall, though, much better than our cathedral wreckovation. And can’t we have kneelers? What is the objection to kneeling? I don’t get it.

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