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“How come more Catholics growing up didn’t hear that answer?”

October 26th, 2010, Promulgated by Mike

Today Show reporter Mike Leonard explains how he, a self-admitted “cruise-control,” “lazy” and “drifted” Catholic, became involved with Fr. Robert Barron’s Catholicism project (my transcription):

The more I asked [Fr. Barron] these simple, basic questions I’ve had all my life and he’d answer them in such a profound way that made me actually at first fell strengthened as a human being and then secondly as a Catholic. He sort of reeled me back in with this truth that I’ve been avoiding my whole life.

Every question I have, [Fr. Barron] comes back with an answer that I go “Why didn’t more people know about this?” And I said that. I said, “How come more Catholics growing up didn’t hear that answer?”  ‘Cause I don’t think that many would have drifted away had they heard those answers.

By the way, the setting is the Spanish town of Segovia, with its 1,900-year old, still-functioning Roman aqueduct as backdrop and, off to the right, the Meson de Candido, famous for its roast suckling pig so tender that your waiter will carve it at your table with the rounded edge of a thick saucer.

More on Fr. Barron’s Catholicism project here and here.



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