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You don’t want to get amnesia about God

September 3rd, 2010, Promulgated by Mike

Bishop Thomas Malone of the Diocese of Portland visited the St. Dominic Academy in Auburn, Maine on Wednesday to celebrate the opening of the new school year.

During his homily His Excellency told the story of a young man who suffered from amnesia as the result of an automobile accident and he related the concern this condition had caused everyone who cared about him.  Fortunately, the amnesia proved to be temporary and the young man eventually made a full recovery.

Bishop Malone said,

“The reason I share this with you is because schools teach us a lot of stuff we’re supposed to remember … but the truly most important things,” about God, how God has a plan for each of them, how Jesus Christ died to save them, is not taught in most schools. “St. Dom’s reminds you over and over not to forget them. You don’t want to get amnesia” about God.

In today’s society it’s very easy to get amnesia about God.  Television, the movies, magazines and especially the public schools all work together to promote what then-Cardinal Ratzinger called the “Dictatorship of Relativism,” a polity that has no use for the Judeo-Christian concept of God and the morality that God expects of us.

That is the primary reason why maintaining and even growing our Catholic schools is so important today: It is the best anti-amnesia medicine we have.

Why so many of our bishops – including, especially, our own local ordinary – are oblivious to this reality is a mystery to me.

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