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September 7th, 2010, Promulgated by Nerina

As many may know, Pope Benedict will make his way to the U.K. soon.  This trip is not without controversy as some atheists have called for the arrest of our Holy Father for his alleged role in the abuse scandal and for “crimes against humanity.”  Of course, there is little chance this will actually happen, but in a post-Christian Europe nothing is ever guaranteed.

Putting that aspect of the trip aside, it was announced that the pope will celebrate the Prefaces and Canons of all his Masses in Latin while in the U.K. “to emphasise the universality of the faith and the continuity of the Church”.  Damian Thompson, writing for the U.K. Telegraph has more details about the upcoming trip and the infighting that is taking place (especially in Scotland) over the celebration of the Mass:

There’s particular fury among the diehard modernisers of Scotland, I gather, who have waged a sneaky battle to banish traditional worship from the Bellahouston Mass. They are now reduced to quibbling about the number of candles on the Glasgow altar, protesting at the Pope’s wish for six or seven on the grounds that… actually, I don’t know. Too Popish, perhaps?

Damian Thompson has a wicked sense of humor and is a great source of all things Catholic in the U.K.

We should all keep our Holy Father in our prayers as this trip may be one of the most challenging he has taken so far.  God bless him for his actions in restoring mystery and sacredness to the Mass!

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