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Power to the People

September 28th, 2010, Promulgated by Gen

It’s about time for me to update the Sacred Music page for your listening pleasure. Before I do, though, I was wondering if anyone had any requests. Favorite motets? Favorite chants? Favorite polyphonic Mass settings? Favorite hymns?

Keep in mind that “sacred music” does not necessarily mean “liturgical music.” For example, Verdi’s Requiem Mass is a bit too brassy and operatic to fit well into a Mass. However, it is a gem of sacred music. (See below.)

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One Response to “Power to the People”

  1. avatar Ink says:

    Verdi’s Requiem Mass = <3. Remind me, which one is the one which has the Dies Irae which sounds like what it is? Drums and loudness and the only disappointment is that it fades out wimpily at the end. Dvorak maybe? I know Epica did a cover of it on their album "The Classical Conspiracy."

    Hey, the Epica piece! It's completely amazing but Epica is symphonic metal so it would absolutely not fit into a Mass.

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