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No Niqab Veil in Irish Catholic Schools

September 24th, 2010, Promulgated by Bernie

(Original notice of this news report came by way of New Oxford Review.)

Catholic secondary schools in Ireland have banned the wearing of a full face veil by Muslim girls while in school. A report by Clodagh Sheehy on theĀ website outlines other interesting rules related to Muslim children (and other non-Catholic students) who attend Catholic schools.

Muslim children wishing to attend prayer services on Fridays have to at least produce a note from the parents. Also, parents will have to assume supervision of their children who opt out of Catholic religious instruction periods which are required in Catholic schools.

Students cannot insist on their own religious instruction although if there is a large number of similarly minded students “it would be respectful to invite ministers or leaders from that faith into the schools during religious education times to meet those pupils.”

Students of other non-Catholic faiths are welcome to use the schools’ prayer rooms and it would be appropriate for the school to provide prayer mats, cushions and such to facilitate their forms of prayer.

Also, “If some religions want images or icons removed from the room…” Well, I encourage you to read the whole (short) interesting article.

Does anyone out there have knowledge of similar rules for Christian students in a Muslim country/school?



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