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More Lies From Fr. Tanck

September 7th, 2010, Promulgated by Dr. K

Check out the bunk in the latest Christ the King/St. Thomas the Apostle/St. Salome bulletin from the Irondequoit parish pastor, Fr. Norm Tanck. In this passage, Fr. Tanck attempts to justify his rather rash decision to close down St. Thomas and St. Salome without any decree of closure issued from Bishop Clark:

That’s a lie, Fr. Tanck. Bishop Clark’s decree states that the five parishes will merge into a single parish. There was not one word from the bishop to the effect that churches will be closing. In fact, Bishop Clark went out of his way to clarify this in his response to the St. Thomas the Apostle appeal.

Below is the relevant excerpt from the bishop’s response:

“My decree of May 26, 2010 addresses only the consolidation of the parishes. Should the Diocese of Rochester [Not Fr. Norm Tanck] decide, in the future, to remove the church building as a place of worship, you will again have the opportunity to voice objections and propose recourse.”

These words above are from the horse’s mouth. Bishop Clark has proclaimed that his decree did not call for the closure of any church buildings. Fr. Tanck, defying the authority of his ordinary and violating the Code of Canon Law, has taken it upon himself to close down two churches. A priest can not do this!

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4 Responses to “More Lies From Fr. Tanck”

  1. avatar Monk says:

    Right on Dr. K! What an injustice Fr. Tanck and the IPPG have inflicted on these parishes. You speak the truth and it will prevail. Fr. Tanck speaks out of both sides of his mouth. He doesn’t have the guts to communicate with his parishioners directly. He hides behind his bulletin pronouncements. He sent a letter to his parishioners to announce the closing of the Churches. He hides behind his desk at Christ the King. STA parishioners rarely see him. He has no right to effectively close these parishes by eliminating their Mass schedule. There is room for righteous anger to his unjust behavior.

  2. avatar Bona says:

    Fr. Tanck had the 8AM daily mass as STA on 9/1. At the end of Mass, he announced the new Sunday mass schedule and also that the 8AM daily mass would no longer be offered at STA.

  3. avatar Monk says:

    Fr. Tanck isn’t even a priest of the diocese of Rochester and yet he gives himself the authority to close two DoR Churches? This is preposterous!

  4. avatar Monk says:

    OK, so he announces the new Mass schedule after the morning daily Mass. I don’t consider this an announcement to the parish. He should have announced it at weekend Masses if he was acting as a true pastor of his 500+ congregation. Instead, he relied entirely on a letter.
    Weak Weak Weak!

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