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LTTE Defends Church Mergers

September 30th, 2010, Promulgated by Dr. K

From the letter’s to the editor section of today’s Democrat & Chronicle comes this unnecessary criticism against those who “have spoken about the merging of churches” –

Churches merging out of necessity

People who have spoken about the merging of churches must realize we cannot go back in time. In past years, churches were full. The contributions help pay the upkeep of the church. Now the attendance has declined; where is the money to keep up with expenses? One more very good reason: fewer priests.

Be glad you are able to attend Mass — at available churches.


What purpose does this letter serve? I do not think Ms. Kowalczyk has any business criticizing those who complain about church mergers/closures when she demonstrates a clear ignorance about the subject.

Let us look again at the St. Thomas situation:

1) STA is not in debt. St. Thomas has large sums of money available in the forms of the Msgr. Burns fund and the large (150K+) donation made recently by a former parishioner. This parish is financially stable, and should be for years to come.

2) There is still a surplus of priests in Irondequoit. Currently, the Irondeqouit parish has four active priests: Fr. Tanck CSB, Fr. Rice CSB, Fr. Horan, and Fr. Leone. If each of these priests offers three Masses per weekend, then 12 Masses should be possible every weekend in Irondequoit. The new plan of Fr. Tanck, which calls for three worship sites, only has 10 Masses per weekend (3 @ St. Margaret Mary, 3 @ St. Cecilia, 4 @ Christ the King). This means that two Masses that could be said are not being said. These two Masses, heck even one of them!, could easily be offered for the 450+ people at St. Thomas the Apostle. This number of four active priests does not take into account the five (or is it six?) retired priests who offer their services to the Irondequoit parish. So what we’re dealing with in Irondequoit is ten priests offering ten Masses. Doesn’t sound very efficient to me. Take into account that some people have written us saying that priests are concelebrating weekday Masses in Irondequoit and one can see that something is not right here.

Ms. Kowalczyk, learn the facts before you write letters to the editor defending church mergers/closures. And by the way, we don’t all live in the town with one of the largest parishes in the DoR who enjoys the luxury of having three priests on staff.

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