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Let Your Light Shine

September 13th, 2010, Promulgated by Gen

We will be offering a more thorough critique of this video in coming days. Until such time as we have the mental fortitude to complete these posts, all I can say is this:

The 2010 CMA video must have been copyrighted in 1972, because that’s certainly the mentality it reflects. Girls bopping about with ponytails and albs, without any regard for the sanctity of the Mass, an over-exaggerated use of minorities to convey “diversity”, that hideous Mary statue that makes the Blessed Virgin look like a teenage schoolgirl who got into some trouble . . . I’m not surprised that this is what the Diocese has to offer us to “inspire” us to share our funds.

I encourage you to give this video a thumbs-down on YouTube. There may be a partial indulgence for doing that.

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18 Responses to “Let Your Light Shine”

  1. Bill B. says:

    Sorry, I couldn’t find something to complain about. I guess in this instance it’s “to each his own.” Catholic Charities was a big thing in my life and it seems to be half of the video. Oh well, there is always “Our Fathers House in Chili, or First Bible Baptist in Greece for those who don’t want to be Catholic. They seem to be doing something to draw us Catholics (?) in. The pony tails didn’t bother me either. I must be getting old. It’s just hair gotten out of the way. If I had any left, maybe I’d be a biker.

  2. Gen says:

    We’re not saying that Catholic Charities isn’t a worthy group. Our concerns (among many) revolve around where the vast majority of the CMA money goes and where it does not go. We see St. Bernard’s getting special treatment, while our *real* Catholic schools receive less money than the running of the CMA itself does. That’s not decent. We’re not dwelling on the superficial, Bill. We’re probing the depths of their mismanagement.

  3. Ink says:

    Re: Altar girls with ponytails
    Voice of experience, from a girl who used to literally sit on her braid if she wasn’t careful: candle-bearers NEED them. Fire + long hair = dangerous.

    Re: Video
    Eh. I’ve seen worse, but it is completely uninspiring. I’m still recovering from last year’s, though, so I was very displeased to discover that it is, in fact, a new year.

  4. Gen says:

    I group you in the realm of altar-girls who actually serve with serenity, Ink. Nod of the miter @ reforming from within.

  5. benanderson says:

    it’s typical DOR fluff. There’s nothing especially wrong about it, but how exactly is this Catholic? How is it even Christian other than the mentality to help other people? Even the atheists do that. Where is the gospel that is so absent from so much of the diocesan programs? I’m sorry, but secular humanism just isn’t that enticing. No wonder Catholic #s have plummeted hear.

  6. Nerina says:

    @ben – exactly right.

    It takes a lot to top last year’s video, but it is more of the same, uninspiring, “vanilla” evangelization. I am only more confident of our refusal to fund the CMA. And I’ll write a letter again to the Bishop explaining where we send our money and why. Since our church MUST meet the diocesan imposed tax for the CMA, I’ll probably kick in a little extra there.

    As a side note, I’m becoming less and less convinced of the usefulness and/or effectiveness of youth ministry.

  7. Dr. K says:

    Where is the gospel that is so absent from so much of the diocesan programs? I’m sorry, but secular humanism just isn’t that enticing.

    Good point. The Gospel message of Jesus Christ is rarely proclaimed in this diocese. In its place we have the Gospel of Buddhism/Hinduism/Judaism/etc. It’s generic “be a good person”, it’s bland, and it’s barely recognizable as Roman Catholic. I’m just rewording what you said here, but you’re so right!

    The video was certainly not as bad as last year. No guitarist parading through St. Stanislaus, no swaying in front of the tabernacle, and so forth. Still a couple blatant abuses, but I’m nowhere near as offended with this one.

    I do wish to offer this little item on Catholic charities. A relative of mine passed away a few years ago, and we went through the process of selling their house. Eventually a woman came forward who claimed she received assistance from the Diocese of Rochester. She boasted to me that she was able to obtain “free money” from the diocese to purchase the house, and that she planned to sell the house for profit in five years.

    Nice to know where your money goes, isn’t it?

  8. Gretchen says:

    “Support the Catholic Ministries Appeal because children are the future of our church.”
    Anyone see a problem here? How can they say this as they give less to Catholic schools than to the overhead of campaigning for CMA?

  9. Ink says:

    She was uncomfortable saying it–did you see her eyes?

  10. Bill B. says:

    Dr. K.- I don’t doubt a real zinger like this now and again. We don’t know what kind of story was used to get the money. Especially with this type of thing (charity) there are scads trying to get money from any source. Look at our wonderful government. A city floods and basicaly we (the country) flip them the “bird.” We should be watchful at all times of the money; charity as well as governmental assistance. Tough life we lead, I admit.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I didn’t find the video all that offensive (aside from the smiley, white-albed Father Rabjon at St. Pius) but it’s what they don’t tell you CMA funds are used for that many would find offensive – such as the regular study of the Church’s dissidents at St. Bernards.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I’m becoming less and less convinced of the usefulness and/or effectiveness of youth ministry.

    Nerina, are you referring to “youth ministry-DOR style”?

  13. Abaccio says:

    There seems to be a general mediocrity to youth ministry events throughout the country, BUT, brick by brick it is improving. The last NCYC, for instance, featured Jason & Crystalina Evert, and Eucharistic adoration, benediction, and a Eucharistic procession throughout Kansas City. THAT was useful and effective. I think that XLT has some distinct positives as well. The one major glaring issue that I haven’t seen improve a bit since my days going through youth programs a number of years ago is the rock music business–I will listen to a good many of these modern Catholic artists–many have lyrics that are faithful to the church…but I don’t want to hear them AT MASS, I want to hear them ON THE RADIO.

    The trouble here is that we still have a lot of 70’s style youth ministry going on…lots of secular humanism, bland Christianity that treats our church as “just another denomination,” and an idea that if we just make the kids feel good about themselves, their issues in life will be solved. Let me tell you this–and when I have the opportunity to start posting, I will make a series of posts on the positives and pitfalls of youth ministry locally and nationally–a HUGE percentage of the MOST involved kids in youth ministry at the diocesan level (and campus ministry in the diocese) over the past 10-15 years either:

    are non-practicing
    self-identify as non-Catholic
    identify as practicing Catholics, but watching their actions on a Saturday evening would be utterly shocking and one would see no difference between them and their atheistic peers.

  14. Nerina says:

    Anon @10:06,

    Yes. Mostly. But from the things I’ve been reading lately, I’m really wondering why we insist on dividing the body of Christ into groups. Do you know of good examples of youth ministry? I’d love to see some effective programs that actually continue to form young people in the faith while instilling a sense of the Christian duty to serve. It seems like the only thing my church’s youth group focuses on is raising money to go to NCYC. And I’ll admit, too, that I’m not thrilled with sending my kids to any conferences offered in the DOR.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I have an idea… how about before talking about giving money to Catholic Charities and helping families own a home…
    instead look at their own employees and what they are paying them and how they can’t afford to buy a home, pay rent, etc.
    But, that would cut into the money that the people at the Pastoral Center spend so better keep taking money from the parishes to go to the top.

  16. Anonymous says:

    One more thing about the DOR viseoa. I think James Brown is now happy in eternal life. After experiencing the DOR baloghny, we can all sing,” I feel good”!

  17. The censors from Buffalo Road (Hi, guys!) removed my comment, which was critical but civil, and my “dislike” vote. The good news is that at 171 hits on YouTube, more people will likely read this post about the video than will actually view the video itself.

  18. Dr. K says:

    “The good news is that at 171 hits on YouTube, more people will likely read this post about the video than will actually view the video itself.”

    We’ve been averaging more than 600 visitors per day so far this month… I sure hope so.

    Try posting something to the Courier site. Bet they won’t approve it unless you write a glowing review of Bishop Clark’s Along the Way on homosexuality.

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