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Fr. Tanck Feigns Compassion

September 23rd, 2010, Promulgated by Dr. K

From the keyboard of Fr. Norm Tanck, CSB, pastor of the five Irondequoit churches:

What a joke.

How can we take any of these “kind” words from Fr. Tanck seriously when he, and so far he alone, is the driving force behind this attempt to close St. Thomas and St. Salome without any decree issued from Bishop Clark? I will say this once more; a priest has no authority to close churches, only a bishop can do this. Bishop Clark has not issued a decree to close St. Thomas or St. Salome. The only decrees issued have dealt with the merger of the five parishes into one, and the assignment of a name to the parish. Fr. Tanck is attempting to close these churches on his own.

Fr. Tanck and Buffalo Road (who is conspicuously silent about what is going on) will not prevail in these backdoor attempts to close St. Thomas and St. Salome. Truth and justice will prevail. While the DoR has been able to play games with other parishes they has wished to eradicate before, the people of STA are far too aware of the diocese’s tactics, and are willing to fight this to the end.

Below is the decree approving the new name for the merged Irondequoit parish:

A reader sends along this interesting query to the Canon lawyers at EWTN about giving a parish a name different from the church building(s). This part in particular seems applicable to the DoR’s recent habit of giving names to parishes with multiple churches:

“”It is often done under the pretext of giving a parish a name that is distinct from the name of the church buildings. However, nothing in canon law authorizes the giving of a parish a name, yet I have seen this abuse repeatedly. Only Church buildings are to be given a name (or title). It is part of the dedication or consecration of the sacred place.””

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20 Responses to “Fr. Tanck Feigns Compassion”

  1. Monk says:

    His behavior is really abusive.

  2. Anonymous says:

    It’s the behavior of the bishop that’s abusive. Only he has the right to close parishes. But Fr. Tannick is going along acting as the FALL guy, hoping to take away and deflect criticism of the bishop.

  3. Monk says:

    Good point Anonymous. Classic abuse……punch me in the gut and then tell me “don’t leave….I love you!”

  4. John A. Hanson says:

    I am so sorry and sad at your worship of tradition. This is not what gets us to heaven but a belief in a God – Jesus who said “Behold I make all things new” this I believe means that we must at all times be open to a growing church and the reason why churches are having to be closed is due to your kind of faith understanding. The church must be that place where people find comfort, a welcoming presence and a fellowship or community who is prepared to accept me at “Table” as a welcomed brother and not as some foreign creature because I do not specifically ascribe to “Roman Catholicism” which in this way of exclusivism reveal a great deal of insucurity of its ongoing existance. Now you see I am a member of the Catholic church, the church universal and I believe in a God who does not ask me for my specific membership but who accepts me for who I am whithin His Body the Universal Church. I believe in Episcopacy that understands that we are a people where there are always chief amongst equals. You see the day those of us who persist on believing that we are better persons than others because we are Roman Catholics in the way that we exclude people who might have a better faith relationship than we have from the Lord’s table the term we use The Altar, then the Church Universal is going to grow into that which God desires for it to be. The Leadership within the church needs to be less intimidated and fearful that they will cease to be and begin to look at matters from the true perspective of the Bible, tradition and Faith and a open mind for Christ to give direction and not just Canon Law and Roman Catholicism.

  5. Bill B. says:

    Ladies and gentlemen! In this corner wearing the blue trunks, weighing in at ___…
    and in this corner, wearing the red trunks weighing in at ___…

  6. Bill B. says:

    The posts have had a certain antagonism over the past year; however, now from a new light, it appears “the other side” can show some responsible post as well. I am impressed with some dialog here. God bless both…

  7. Red Trunks @ 185 says:

    Does a true shepherd permit his priests to scatter the flock? Does a true shepherd promote things which run wholly contrary to the pinnacle of Episcopacy, the Bishop of Rome, the Holy Father? No. He ought not to. But, alas, he does.

    There’s nothing antagonistic about defending people who are being bullied by canon-ignoring diocesan leaders. That’s called “hungering and thirsting for justice.” Being antagonistic would be calling them names, denying their authority, or being just plain deceitful. None of these things are being done. Authority is recognized as legitimate authority, and also as being flawed in some ways. No hurtful names are being hurled at these folks. And the staff of Cleansing Fire is being more truthful and honest than any diocesan administrator could ever hope to be.

  8. Dr. K says:

    Mr. Hanson, save this off-topic anti-Catholic rant for the message boards, ok?

  9. Nerina says:

    Exactly, Dr. K. I’m not sure what “faith tradition” Mr. Hanson subscribes to because the wording of his post is not clear. What *is* clear is that his understanding of Roman Catholicism is flawed, as it is with many in our diocese.

    Bill B., you note a “certain antagonism,” yet you cheer lead a rhetorical boxing match?

  10. Bill B. says:

    It came to me as a spar. Pun only. Everone is different in interpretation of expression and I sometimes see an antigonism against some ecuminism. I realize there can be too much of someting, but these folks feel as solid in their faith as I, so why not pray to the same God with them. It may be moot, but we all have to live here as best as we can. It is like a bus. All kinds of people. You can’t get to point be if the occupants are going in the out and out the in.

  11. Gen says:

    Get thee to the Forum.

  12. Louis E. says:

    Red Trunks…are you saying that it is impossible for an honest person to be a diocesan administrator,or only denying the relative honesty and potential therefor of current DoR administrators?

  13. benanderson says:

    @John A. Hanson,
    I agree – I’d like to see you continue this discussion in the forums. If you do so, could you please be more specific about what type of Christianity you are proposing.

    You seem to be suggesting that Catholicism’s boundaries should be expanded and that i’s teachings are too narrowly defined? That’s a prejudice and an inclination – not a real objective assertion. Every religion needs boundaries and clear teachings or it ceases to be a religion. Perhaps in your forum post, you could share w/ us more specifically which boundaries and teachings are too narrow.

    who persist on believing that we are better persons than others because we are Roman Catholics

    This is not Catholic teaching and misrepresents the Church (aka – slander). I’m not sure where you got that from, but I hope you’ll look into it further. Nowhere in Church teaching will you find it said that Catholics are better people than non-Catholics. We are all unworthy of God’s grace. Catholics just happen to believe that God’s grace works most effectively through the Church He established as the normal way to distribute His grace into the world. That is why I choose to be inside the Church rather than outside. I speak no judgment on those outside of the Catholic Church and I do not limit God and how he chooses to distribute his grace. I simply follow Him where he leads me.

  14. Anonymous says:

    If you do so, could you please be more specific about what type of Christianity you are proposing.

    It’s the Christianity that has prevailed in Rochester for thirty years, and the results are in. Mr. Hanson, you might buy a mouth-guard for 2012 to ready yourself for the wailing and gnashing of teeth that will accompany the diocese’s introduction to what is called a bishop.

  15. That last post was from me.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Fr. Tanck is moving forward with the plan approved by Bishop Clark to consolidate the five Irondequoit parishes into a single parish with three worship sites. Thus the ending of of Masses at STA and SS without actual closure.

  17. Dr. K says:

    “Thus the ending of of Masses at STA and SS without actual closure.”

    Wow… let’s get technical. If there are no Masses, isn’t that just as bad as closure?

  18. Anonymous says:

    This is technically how Fr. Tanck is able to stop the Masses without an actual closure decree from Bishop Clark. He is executing the approved three worship site plan, not closing churches without authority. It’s frustrating, but not as final as closure. I remain hopeful for the appeal.

  19. Anonymous says:

    If the Church is not officially closed, then it can’t be sold, right?

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