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A Note on Modesty-Canandaigua Academy Edition

September 23rd, 2010, Promulgated by Abaccio

Parents often complain about the immodest, inappropriate behavior exhibited by teens and young adults (and hyped up by the media).  All too often, these same people allow their children to own immodest clothing, watch whatever they want on television, and go through their teenage years generally unsupervised.

Mind you, more often than not, young people take their behavioral cues from their parents.  If it is okay for a father to watch hyper-sexed television and movies, then it rings false to say that it’s inappropriate for his children.  Dear Dads–IT’S NOT OKAY!  Young people do not respond to “age-based morals,” by which I mean the all-too common parental tack “you’re too young for that, son.”  If it’s inappropriate at age 14, it’s inappropriate at age 40.

Enter a rather interesting story that’s made a few headlines lately.  Canandaigua Academy postponed its first dance of the year, and instituted some new rules and supervisory techniques for their homecoming dance this weekend.  Among them:

1 ) No back-to-front dancing

2 ) No sexually explicit dancing of any kind

3 ) One Strike[violation of 1) or 2)], You’re OUT!–No warnings, no refunds

4 ) More chaperones

5 ) More lighting

6 ) Open to parental attendance as chaperones

7 ) No music videos will be played

8 ) The DJ will be moved to the center of the dance floor

9 ) A greater variety of music (read: LESS RAP/HIP HOP)

10 ) Ensure that students adhere to the dress code

Parents, take a cue from Canandaigua Academy.  Request similar changes for your children’s school dances.  I, for one, applaud this against-the-grain development!  By the way, folks, do not assume that simply because your child attends a Catholic School, that school dances are markedly more appropriate than they are in public schools.  As a former Catholic School student, and as someone who works closely with current local Catholic School students, I can assure you that they are not.  Note:  By no means am I claiming that this occurs everywhere.  The next time I see an appropriate school dance will be the FIRST time.

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4 Responses to “A Note on Modesty-Canandaigua Academy Edition”

  1. avatar benanderson says:

    Young people do not respond to “age-based morals,” by which I mean the all-too common parental tack “you’re too young for that, son.” If it’s inappropriate at age 14, it’s inappropriate at age 40

    well said. The problem I have is that there is almost nothing appropriate on TV now. Not that I would subject my kids to a lot of TV, but it’d be nice to watch an innocent football game from time to time. It’s hard to even rationalize that as the cheerleader shots and beer commercials and as seductive as playboy.

  2. avatar Ink says:

    Ben: This is why I watch nothing except for the World Series, and only when the Yankees are playing. =P

  3. avatar benanderson says:

    uhg – Yankees. Pirates are getting above .500 next year – you heard it here.

  4. Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

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