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Raise Your Hands In the Air

August 23rd, 2010, Promulgated by Dr. K

Bishop Clark will celebrate a “Charismatic” Mass, yet he won’t celebrate a Traditional Latin Mass.

To all the Clark apologists out there: does that sound very pastoral to you?

More photos here. Source: Catholic Courier

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3 Responses to “Raise Your Hands In the Air”

  1. Bernie says:

    Did the lady in the picture have a question?

    I thought maybe the bishop would be at the Latin memorial Mass for Fr. Meng last Saturday, at least in choir dress. That would have been nice. Nope.

  2. Anonymous says:

    It’s all ideology. If he never has anything to do with the latin mass, he will feel OK. The Latin Mass is everything he is against.

  3. Louis E. says:

    How about a teen-mass set to “Paradise by the Dashboard Light”,with a “homily” reflecting on the double blessings alluded to and how the girl’s selfish interruption of the proceedings was a mistake?…would that be within the ambit of his faith?

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