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Protection of the Mother of God Church

August 4th, 2010, Promulgated by Bernie

A reader who commented here on the last post I made on “Images in the Chancel !”posted a link to a very fine Russian Orthodox Church in Brighton, Protection of the Mother of God Church. I think this is the same congregation that was on East Avenue for a long time (?). I hope you visit its website and take a look at the photo section, especially the work of the monk iconographers completing the decoration of the interior of the church (in the left hand margin of the Homepage, click on the “Iconography Project Continues” picture). I have not yet been in this church but it looks beautiful from the pictures. I’ve posted here some pictures from its website.

The Orthodox –and our Eastern Rite Catholics– can help us recover a sense of the sacred in our church buildings by modeling for us the importance of images to Christian worship.

Interior of "Protection of the "Mother of God Church" Russian Orthodox Church, Rochester

Labeled according to our previous "Images in the CHancel !" post

Exterior of "Protection of the Mother of the God Church"

Iconographers recently at work.

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