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Need Prayers and a PacknPlay and a Bassinet

August 13th, 2010, Promulgated by Choir

If any readers have baby items (all sorts of them) or money to donate to the Focus Pregnancy Center they sure could use it. Below is an email I received from Mary Jost from Focus.

Hi Prayer Warrior & Friend,

One of our clients gave birth to a precious baby boy Lou. 7lb. 4oz.. on August 9, 2010. Yeah!! This is a such a blessing. If anyone has a pack-n-play or a bassinet please call me @ 200-9477. Thank you.

This, like all weeks on the front lines, in front of Planned Parenthood, was gruesome, many babies did lose their lives, leaving their parents now Post Abortive.

Please continue to pray for their conversion, repentance and restitution, for the sin of abortion. Also, please continue to pray for us wounded warriors, on the front lines. Our hearts are heavy and in pain for all the destruction and evil that we come against at Planned Parenthood.

God is in control and He will send in more troops during the ’40 Days for Life’ in September to pray andwitness against the evil of abortion at Planned Parenthood. Even more babies lives will be saved!!

Thank you for your love, prayers and support. We can’t do this ministry without your prayers, love & encouragement 🙂

Please pray for Carole, one of our prayer people on the front lines, for her granddaughter Payton Faith was born 2 weeks ago at 1 lb. 8ozs. and she’s having many health problems. Please pray for Pat, our grandmother & great grandmother & her family. And also praying for all our clients at Focus. Thank you so very much…. You’re terrific!!

God bless,
Mary @ Focus


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