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False Ecumenism From an Obama-Loving Nun

August 17th, 2010, Promulgated by Dr. K

In today’s Democrat & Chronicle letters to the editor section, regarding the WTC mosque in New York City:

“Obama defends freedom of religion

Acts of terrorism and hostility by any person or group toward others is very fearful. The fierce opposition to building or enlarging mosques in our country strikes me as extremist reaction. History is full of tragic examples where reaction has wrought great harm at the expense of truth. I support our president’s stand on the right of Muslims to build their mosque in New York City. He defends, as all of us must, this nation’s fundamental right of freedom of religion.

Julien is member of the Sisters of St. Joseph Peace and Justice Committee.”

Hasn’t it gotten to the point, my dear readers, where we have become too  concerned with the affairs of other religions at the neglect of our own? I hate to use this, as I don’t believe any of us knows truly what God would do, but “WHAT WOULD JESUS DO?” Do you think the Lord Jesus Christ would defend pagans who wanted to build a temple, and claim that they have a right to worship their false gods? Do you think Christ would say “Let these people build a temple to Baal, for it is their right!” I truly doubt it.

Let’s worry about our own faith, and let the Moslems worry about theirs. We are doing ourselves no favor when we come rushing to the defense of another religion which is in competition with us for souls, especially when this religion has done little to assist us and much to attack us.

By the way, this is not the first time that Sr. Julian, SSJ has written to the D&C letters to the editor taking the side of Barack Obama. From 2009:

“At the 2004 Democratic National Convention, the message of a scarcely known black man captured my imagination. He was eloquent, reconciling, of presidential bearing. The historic election of ’08 became a hopeful sign to people of color that the equality proclaimed in our founding documents might possibly come true. Under the leadership of Martin Luther King Jr., this kind of hope was lively, but the decades that followed saw an erosion of hope by meager opportunities and ongoing discrimination.

Barack Obama’s singular achievement now rekindles that spirit of possibility and opportunity. It speaks of a movement toward healing past racial division. It offers hope of a greater union with our nation.

Obama was elected by persons of every race, age and faith. Perhaps Americans were weary of leadership that addressed national and world problems in old and failed ways. Obama’s approach promised closeness to people and their concerns, a more compassionate leadership, a new way of dealing with world neighbors that would heal existing divisions. How Americans would welcome being well-thought-of among nations!

Why was Obama elected? We saw in him an intelligent, well-spoken person, thoughtful, self-possessed, calm under pressure and remarkably gracious when attacked. This election proved that an outstanding person who happens to be black could be president.

— Sister Lorraine Julien, Rochester

The writer is a Sister of St. Joseph.”

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13 Responses to “False Ecumenism From an Obama-Loving Nun”

  1. Anonymous says:

    This situation reflects a huge problem with the SSJ. Many if most of them are pro abortion. They think nothing of supporting a pro abortion president although it is sinful to aid and abet sinful practices like abortion and gay rights.

    He so called compassion for moslems is totally negligent for compassion for the families of 9/11.
    She totally ignores the pro Hammas statements and many other questionable acts of the founding mullah.

    If this order could only spend time promoting pro-life or other worthy causes, maybe they would have some newpostulants and novices but as it is, they are a dying order.

  2. Mike says:

    “… they are a dying order.”

    Number of members of the Rochester Sisters of St. Joseph …

    1979: 660
    1990: 528
    1999: 427
    2009: 288

    Source: Official Catholic Directory

  3. Vox Clara says:

    Dr. K,
    I’m not so sure that there really is much to be done to stop this mosque from going up. The US constitution does allow Mohammedans the same religious freedoms as Christians so, in a sense, Sr. Julien is on the right track here. On the other hand, I find it more than a little offensive or even triumphalistic that they should seek to build a mosque in the presence of the very symbol of Mohammedan fanaticism which has prejudiced so many Americans against them. For better or for worse, the written law of the land does say that they may do as they will in this matter.

    Of course, one might question the law of the land and its validity in various matters, but from a secular viewpoint, the nun is right about the mosque. I wonder if there’s a connection between this and their dwindling numbers?

    As for her article on Obama’s election, it’s absurd. Mike did a fine job of reassuring me in that matter though.

  4. Nerina says:

    Sister asks, “Why was Obama elected?” In part, because large numbers of Catholics purposefully ignored the writing on the wall and gave Obama a “pass” on so many troubling aspects of his vision for America. Too few acknowledged this man’s unfettered support of abortion and infanticide – even finding himself unable to support legislation that would provide comfort care to babies born alive after an attempted abortion. And in my book, failing to provide care to a helpless, *born* baby hints at an indifference to life that is hard to categorize.

    Regarding the GZ mosque situation, I would refer readers to an editorial in the WSJ by Bill McGurn. In it, McGurn cites the example shown by our late Holy Father, JPII when dealing with an analogous situation of Carmelite nuns wanting to erect a convent on land bordering the Auschwitz death camp. The nuns only wanted to be there to pray for healing and reconcilation, but it was emotionally upsetting to many Jewish groups and Holocaust survivors. In the end, after waiting and counseling, the pope asked the nuns to withdraw their plans and move their convent elsewhere. They obliged the pope’s request. McGurn concludes:

    “Without doubt Pope John Paul II did not share the more malevolent interpretations attached to the presence of the Carmelites at Auschwitz. By asking the nuns to withdraw, he didn’t concede them either. What he did was recognize that having the right to do something doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do.”

    Read the whole thing here:

  5. Bill Benton says:

    I don’t believe that good sense would let them build. Everyone is correct about honoring our Constitution. It is their right. Mr. Obama did comment about that as well as mentioning about no comment on the wisdom of going ahead with it. In not too long a time, we can have the opportunity to remove the president from the ballot box. If the public gives him another term, work to get as many independants in as possible. Remember a thug is a thug. If it quacks like a thug, it’s an elected thug. Dump them at the ballot box.

  6. Dr. K says:

    I’m not denying their legal right to build the mosque near the WTC. They can do so, even though this is being done in poor taste. What I take issue with is a Roman Catholic nun finding it necessary to go to bat for another religion.

  7. Jean says:

    The area is a COMMERCIAL DISTRICT. The board should never have given permission for a RELIGIOUS entity to be established there. It was as simple a solution as that. Perhaps Gov. Patterson will get the Moslems to go to another location.

    Should we be surprised that a liberal sister from the Rochester diocese would take such a silly position?

  8. Robert says:

    I think [legally] that any school or church can be built in any zoning district in NYS. I also think this nun needs some mental help in her other statements. She would be better off in promoting vocations for her order [with much prayer] and get the Cathoic school system back to order.

  9. Anonymous says:

    2 things.

    1. The Greek Orthodox church that WAS destroyed in the 9/11 attack has not been rebuilt and the city is giving them a hard time concerning its rebuilding. Yet they are willing toi cut the red tape to build a mosque.

    2. Why did Catholics elect O’Bama? Because for 40 years they have never heard homilies concerning abortion and homosexuality. Our Catholic bishops have purpously dumbed the laity down. The Catholic bishops are simply a mouthpiece for the Democratic Party. Had there been grassroots opposition to these issues, O’Bama would still be in the Senate.

  10. Bill B. says:

    A post on another topic complained about how politics was over used on this site. I am beginning to agree. When you narrow any of the issues on this site down to politics like the way it is going here, it will crack the facade of this site into something ugly. Too bad…

  11. Nerina says:

    @Bill B. – so are you saying Catholics should not have an opinion about politics? Should we just shut up? Honestly, I think politics is little commented on this site. Go check places like Fr. Z’s site ( or First Things or any other major Catholic blog/website. Politics is woven in everthing we do. And if you can’t see the impact of politics in our diocese, I don’t really know what to say.

  12. Dr. K says:

    What post are you talking about, and why does it concern you so much what we choose to write about? I would be more concerned that there are Rochester nuns writing pro-Obama letters to the editor in the D&C.

  13. Andy says:

    Bill – Vatican II says that we, the laity, must be active in the secular world, INCLUDING politics, if we are to transform the world and build the Kingdom of God as our Baptism mandates. Sister’s unfettered support of our most pro-abortion President ever is a serious concern.

    And with respect to the mosque, if these people had any intention in mind OTHER than to triumphantly commemorate the falling of these towers, they’d be building someplace else. Yes, they may have a RIGHT, but that doesn’t mean it is something that they OUGHT to do, and this action is unnecessarily fomenting division and hatred, to be sure.

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