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Bishop Sheen on the Devil

August 4th, 2010, Promulgated by Gen

This man’s theological brilliance is astounding. His insights are profound. Bishops and priests can still learn from his example, as can we all. It’s a shame that so many clerics have turned away from preaching about Satan, about Hell, about suffering and sin. Sheen makes a remark in the first part below to the effect of, “We stopped praying our beads, and the hippies started wearing them. We stopped talking about the demonic, and the psychiatrists picked it up.” How true. We turn our back on what makes us truly Catholic, and that piece of our identity become fair play for those who are hostile towards the Faith.

The devil is real, folks. You better believe it. It’s when we are complacent in our duties of faith, hope, and charity, when we feel secure in our actions, that Satan comes to us, and manipulates us. Don’t for a moment think that you’re above it – you’re not. However, your prayers are. The thing most repugnant to Satan is the beauty of our prayer, the beauty of the saints, and the source of both beauties, the Holy Mass.

I will post parts 3 and 4 this weekend.

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  1. thomas j harley says:

    As always, Bishop Sheen hits the nail on the head. Satan is so sutle. As the saying goes the best thing Satan has done is to convince people that he does not exist. Once that stage is set…look out! We need a Bishop Sheen to step up today and rally all catholics to return to God and renew our faith.

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