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Vocatus Es Poster Contest Winners

July 4th, 2010, Promulgated by Gen

Behold, here are the winners of the Vocatus Es Contest. I thoroughly enjoyed all of the submissions, and I will revel in rewarding those whom democracy has labeled above average.

In first place: Anonymous’ poster “Here I am, Send Me” – The submission earned him a Cleansing Fire t-shirt signed by yours truly. Second place goes to the following two submissions: “Feed My Sheep” by A.G. and “Thou Art a Priest” by Nod. You two will receive a Cleansing Fire holy medal. Third place (10 Cleansing Fire prayer cards) goes to “Deny Yourself” by Anonymous and Ben’s “Are You Lost” humorous submission. I will email you if you have won, and we can work out your award’s details.

In our zeal to post submissions, we accidentally overlooked one. To our faithful reader who was lost in the labyrinth of our excitement, I extend the title of “Lector Mirabilis.” Again, expect an email if you were mentioned in this announcement, so that I can properly disperse the loot across the continent.

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