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Games People Play, Part II

July 12th, 2010, Promulgated by Dr. K

Here is part of a letter from Fr. Horan that was published in a recent St. Cecilia bulletin. Wait, Father, didn’t you get the memo that St. Thomas and St. Salome are not slated to close? Funny how the Diocese has not once made a public statement to that effect while parishioners and priests don’t know what to believe anymore.

Introduction of Fr. Horan’s letter:

Just for fun, here are St. Margaret Mary’s (Fr. Horan’s parish) attendance totals for the past few weekends: 657, 678, and 592. St. Margaret Mary’s average attendance in 2003: 1,139.

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5 Responses to “Games People Play, Part II”

  1. Bernie says:

    My favorite term for describing the actions of this diocese: subterfuge!

  2. Vox Clara says:

    It’ll be even harder in a year or so when St. Margaret Mary’s is the next in line to be closed.

  3. Ludwig says:

    Vox Clara: St. Cecilia is easily the more conservative of the three remaining “worship sites.”

    As for myself and my wife, we may be getting out of St. Margaret Mary’s while the getting’s good.

  4. Gen says:

    Nancy DeRycke gave the kiss of death to SMM – Fr. Horan just walked into the mess. So many of these priests would do just fine if they were given one parish to think about, rather than a clustering “community” that will be one “parish” but with various “worship sites.” But no, of course we can’t do that – that would be way too logical. The usual retort is “we don’t have enough priests to do that.” Tough – do some actual recruiting for the seminary, not this politically correct/ecumenical mumbo-jumbo. Vocations don’t appear in parishes/communities where the laity are exalted over the priesthood, where clustering reduces worship to politics and woe, or where you can’t even get to know your own parish priest. This theme has been appearing here and on the forums a lot lately – my guess is that it’s a pretty universal sentiment, even among some of our more liberal friends. (Note, I say “liberal” and not “heretical.” Our heretical friends have yet to make a single compelling argument for anything, let alone something like this.)

  5. Irondequoit Mom says:

    my comment to his condescension toward STA and SS losing their building is…
    …and Mr. Wonderful himself will lose his beloved money! Believe me Fr. Horan, you will have a lot more time for golf with fewer parishioners to “guide”.

    What a blockhead…losing a building? Doesnt he know how offensive that is on so many levels? No, our church is not “just a building”, and neither is our tabernacle, just a tabernacle, or the tomb of Monsignor Burns, three feet from the walls of the baptistery, just a grave. Come on… doesnt he have any creative way to stick the knife in our back? Calling us materialistic? This is the sort of tripe peddled by our own pastors that keeps people away.

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