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D-Day in Northeast Rochester: October 31st

July 15th, 2010, Promulgated by Dr. K

A decision on which churches should be retained and which should close in Northeast Rochester will need to be submitted to Bishop Clark by October 31st of this year. According to the upcoming Light of Christ bulletin, a “Pastoral Planning Team” will be assembled to assist Deb Housel in making this difficult decision. This team will be comprised of four members from each of the five parishes (hopefully selected by the parishioners and not hand-picked from above).

The decision from the bishop will likely come shortly after the proposal is submitted, with the implementation process to be completed by June of 2011. Please keep the people of this cluster in your prayers.

Not helping matters for the good people of Light of Christ is this past weekend’s Mass attendance totals. I pray that the number given for St. Andrew’s 9:30 Mass (their only non-Lifeteen Mass) is just a typo. 85 people does not sound right.


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One Response to “D-Day in Northeast Rochester: October 31st”

  1. The placement of the town hall/listening sessions is interesting. One would think that Light of Christ would have had at least one of the sessions.

    Even if St. Andrew is suppose to be 185, that would still be around 40-60 people less for that mass.

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