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Won’t Back Down

June 10th, 2010, Promulgated by b a

My name is Ben Anderson and I’m an alcoholic… er, um, orthodox Catholic. I started a site called a little over a year ago. The folks here at Cleansing Fire have done in actuality what I’d only dreamed of doing over there. I am now joining my efforts with theirs. I’ll keep the F&F site up since I’ve put a good deal effort into some of my “sticky” pages and what not, but any new posts will be done here instead.

Because we all know that Tom Petty wrote this song about Catholic orthodoxy…
and because the blue grass fest I saw this past weekend (including Dale Ann Bradley seen below, Larry Sparks, Ralph Stanley, Tony Rice, and Alison Krauss and Union Station) was the best musical performance I’ve ever seen (except of course the St. Stan’s Latin mass choir or OLV’s talented musicians)


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