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Well, It Worked in 452

June 8th, 2010, Promulgated by Gen

The Associated Press is reporting that several groups (six, to be precise) sent representatives to protest against the priesthood in St. Peter’s Square today. These protesters have gathered on the day before the commencement of the three-day ceremony to close out the Year for Priests.

Do you notice a trend here? The Church does nothing to provoke these people, save bear witness to the will of Christ. However, these precious children of God stand in our midst and attack us. They stand in front of our cathedral during such a happy occasion as the recent diaconate ordinations. They stand below the pope’s window and hurl hatred and viciousness towards his person. Where is the respect? You don’t see me yelling at Bishop Clark for the things he’s done – I just sit and type. Not too hostile, that. However, these protesters have hurled themselves at the physical dwelling places of the Lord.

When Pope St. Leo the Great rode out in 452 to meet Attila the Hun, the barbarian was convinced to spare the Eternal City, Rome. He had respect for the papacy. If a pagan warlord can recognize the sanctity and preciousness of the Church, why can’t liberals and militant evangelicals? The day that Catholics show up at Protestant churches and WOC meetings yelling obscenities and hatred, that’s the day when these people will be justified. The Church proves Her charity by being perpetually on the defensive. That’s the mark of the true Church, folks. We don’t spit in the face of sanctity. We may write down and share our displeasure, but that’s it. No souls are lost, no blood spilled, no physical or emotional pain inflicted.

Pope St. Leo the Great, defender of the Church and of Rome, pray for us. May these barbarians withdraw as they did 1558 years ago.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    It is impossible to speak with these ideologues. They are fervent in their belief that Catholocism is the coming of the devil.

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