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The Heretics Are Coming! The Heretics Are Coming!

June 2nd, 2010, Promulgated by Dr. K

LarryD, our friend from Acts of the Apostasy, informs us that the American Catholic Council (ACC) will be holding a tour stop on June 6th (this Sunday) in the Diocese of Rochester. For those who do not know, the ACC is a dissenting organization completely unaffiliated with the Roman Catholic Church who has decided to hold their own “Council” for the “American Church.” This group also has established its own “Catholic Bill of Rights,” setting itself up as a legislative body with no respect for the Church hierarchy. This DoR meeting will take place at the Rochester Sisters of Mercy Motherhouse Chapel.

Does the DoR condone this event?

So… why exactly is the ACC a group of heretical dissidents? Let the following passages from their Web site enlighten you, emphasis added:

“We seek to multiply the bread of the Eucharist so that a malnourished Catholic Community can encounter Christ with all the healing power of his sacramental presence through the preservation of parish community and a radically inclusive theology of ministry.”

“We seek reform of the governing structures in our Church so that they reflect the better aspects of the American experience: a democratic spirit, concern for human rights, freedom of speech and assembly, and a tradition of participation and representation.”

“The ministry and table fellowship of Jesus found place for the marginalized and the previously uninvited, for the adversaries and the advocates, for friends and religious leaders, for the poor and the rich, for the searching and for those who do not search, for women and men [read: women priests].”

“In the words of Archbishop Oscar Romero [the progressive messiah], we are conscious that we are ?only the workers, not the Master Builder.? But, together we can fashion a charter of rights and an expansive ministry, a social justice agenda, and an inclusive community.”

“When one decides to become a Catholic, one brings all these human rights into the Church. The Church has a solemn obligation to protect these and not to violate them. When one is a Catholic in the United States, the Church is obliged to safeguard those rights which define what it is to be a citizen?unless they are incompatible with Catholicism. One must not be told that one becomes a Catholic at the cost of being less an American. We cannot declare that fundamental rights have no place in the Church of Christ.”

“Church administrators must not tell us that there is no longer freedom of speech or dissent

“In addition, there is strong evidence that in the early Church women were deacons, priests, and bishops.”

Every Catholic has the right to be selected for ministerial leadership of the community and responsibility of responding to the call if the choice of the community and the charisms of the individual lead in this direction.”

“Authenticity and conscience demand that freedom of expression and freedom to dissent, freedom of assembly and freedom from arbitrary accusation and rejection, be safeguarded.”

“The baptized and their communities can only be protected with a separation of executive, legislative and judicial powers in the Church and with an effective voice for all constituencies in the selection of Church administrators and leaders [Protestants hire and fire ministers; Catholics do not].”

Every baptized Catholic has a meaningful role to play, through sensus fidelium, in the interpretation of the Gospel, the Church?s Tradition, and the Church?s structure.”

FutureChurch, VOTF, and other organizations are in the process of formally endorsing the American Catholic Council Declaration for Reform and Renewal, which launches the call for a national council. “

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7 Responses to “The Heretics Are Coming! The Heretics Are Coming!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Just a grammatical note – Vicars General just like Attorneys General or Brothers-in-law. Minor, I know.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Will the bishop be there?

  3. LarryD says:

    "Authenticity and conscience demand that freedom of expression and freedom to dissent,…

    Unless you want to dissent from the ACC. That ain't allowed.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Yet when the Catholic Medical association asked Bishop Clark for permission to have their national confrence in Rochester in the early 2000's, he refused them. They had to have their meeting in Buffalo.

  5. Mike says:

    So the local branch of the Sisters of Mercy is hosting this bunch of malcontents?

    No surprise there.

    What is surprising is that the RSM's continue to wonder why their vocation rate is essentially zero, while orders like the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist can't build new wings on their motherhouse fast enough to accommodate all their new novices.

  6. Anonymous says:

    So if this event is going on there, does that mean the diocese has given its approval?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Material cooperation with evil. That's a sin.

    What kind of religion do they teach at Mercy, BK and Acquinas. Is it authentic or is it the ususl nonsense?

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