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RIP – Remember Irondequoit Parishioners in Your Prayers Tonight

June 30th, 2010, Promulgated by Monk

Let me take a moment to introduce myself.  My name is “Monk.”  I am one of the new staff members here at Cleansing Fire.   I have seen enough liturgical abuses, poor catechesis, and heretical homilies to fill a lifetime.  In spite of this I am truly blessed.  I have wonderful Catholic friends that support me in every way.  I know beautiful priests that remind me of our hope for the future.  Cleansing Fire is a great addition to my Catholic life!  The psalmist says…..”only goodness and kindness follows me all the days of my life…”  Cleansing Fire truly helps to bring Christ’s goodness and kindness to my life. My hope is that my occasional post will help others to find truth, humor and hope amongst life in the DoR.

Tonight at midnight, the five Catholic parishes of Irondequoit will cease to exist as decreed by Bishop Clark.  Please remember their current parishioners, former and departed parishioners and all the good priests and sisters that staffed these parishes through their long histories in your prayers tonight.  The Irondequoit faith community is moving into uncharted and dangerous waters.  Pray that souls will not be lost!

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2 Responses to “RIP – Remember Irondequoit Parishioners in Your Prayers Tonight”

  1. avatar Dr. K says:

    Welcome Monk!

  2. avatar Vox Clara says:

    I second that motion!

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