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Orthodoxy – the Obvious Choice

June 2nd, 2010, Promulgated by Gen

The two videos below are from two valid Masses in the United States. However, the one is markedly different from the other. The first one is from a “Teen Mass.” I guess a regular “Mass” isn’t good enough for some people. When I watched this video, I was struck by how trite the whole thing is. There’s more effort going into throwing the slides on the screen than there is in trying to read the Word of God worthily. The second video is from the 2007 Sacred Music Colloquium in Washington. Now when you compare the two, and you measure the reverence, the piety, the tastefulness, the beauty, and the eye appeal, the obvious “winner” is the second video.


The Mass is a reenactment of Calvary – it is not a talent show, a powerpoint presentation, a chance to socialize, or an opportunity to meet new friends. It is Heaven on Earth, and those who are loyal to the Church, and whose views are orthodox and unfaltering, realize this.

So watch these two videos, and feel free to comment on what you feel is more sacred, and why you feel that way. Bear in mind that these are both Novus Ordo Masses, that is, “Ordinary Form.” They are using the same missal, the same rubrics, the same norms. However, one of them is celebrating Mass according to the genuine spirit of Vatican II, and the other is possessed by the impostor spirits of Vatican II, which were not of divine origin.

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3 Responses to “Orthodoxy – the Obvious Choice”

  1. There were more young people at the Latin mass than there were at the concert, sorry, "mass" in the first one.

    Progressives-0 Orthodox-1

  2. Christina says:

    Several points come to mind…

    1. I love the one in Latin, but wouldn't want to go to that mass every week. I want to hear the prayers in English.

    2. I dislike the teen and folk masses (had had to go to the latter this past weekend where they sung a carnaval song). I try to avoid these whenever possible.

    3. Both masses can become concerts, especially the Latin ones with a more professional choir. Which is why I like having the choir hidden in the back.

    4. My favorite mass is an English NO with older bits everyone knows (Sanctus, Agnus Dei, etc), silence at points and classic beautiful music at other points.

  3. Gen says:

    To be fair, Christina, the Latin Mass in the Ordinary Form which I posted above was from a gathering of people devoted to studying sacred music for a week, so the prominence of the choir is for a reason. It was also a special Mass, so it wouldn't be like this every week.

    What you're describing in 4 is pretty much what the Council wanted. However, we all know what we got instead.

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