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Orthodoxy not enough

June 11th, 2010, Promulgated by b a

ok – I promise I won’t post anymore audio snippets from CA Live for a little while, but this show was just so relevant to this blog.  The title was “Orthodoxy not enough”  (first hour on 6/9) and the guest is Father John Ricardo.  Obviously, the main premise is that orthodoxy is not enough.  We also need sanctity.  Also, Patrick Coffin mentions that Archbishop Raymond Burke has been interviewed for a show that will air on July 5th.  Mark your calendars for that one.

DISCLAIMER:  Often times other bloggers or commenters use language like this directed at the authors of this blog as if they aren’t being charitable when they publicly scrutinize certain individuals, writings, or actions.  That is not a charge I am making here.  This is a message we must all be constantly reminded of.  We are all in need of conversion everyday.

Here’s a paragraph that is mentioned from Lumen Gentium (p14)

They are fully incorporated in the society of the Church who, possessing the Spirit of Christ accept her entire system and all the means of salvation given to her, and are united with her as part of her visible bodily structure and through her with Christ, who rules her through the Supreme Pontiff and the bishops. The bonds which bind men to the Church in a visible way are profession of faith, the sacraments, and ecclesiastical government and communion. He is not saved, however, who, though part of the body of the Church, does not persevere in charity. He remains indeed in the bosom of the Church, but, as it were, only in a “bodily” manner and not “in his heart.”

The whole show is worth a listen, but here’s some quick audio nuggets.

The cafeteria model will never produce sanctity:


We must always be reverent.  (The jury is split on whether superimposing a bishop’s head on a dancing animated cartoon fits the bill or not 🙂 )


This is all well and good, but how does this play out in the wild:


As a Catholic, we shouldn’t adhere to triumphalism, but treat our faith like a scathing indictment




4 Responses to “Orthodoxy not enough”

  1. Gen says:

    If an occaisional JibJab video is the worst thing that comes out of the people who have been wronged by Bishop Clark’s policies, he is fortunate indeed. lol

  2. benanderson says:

    I didn’t vote – I just said the jury is split 😉

  3. When I lived in Michigan, Fr. John was our Pastor. In high school, he was a new priest and one of the associates at the parish to which my high school was attached.

    He is a very strong and devout priest. In the grand scheme of things, he isn’t uber traditional himself, but is very open to the traditional aspects of the faith. He is very much a “Fulness” of the faith type of priest. What is awesome about him, is that he is the pastor of a giant and formerly very modern parish. After he took over things changed quickly and for the better.

    In fact, he moved the tabernacle, got statutes, and got people kneeling at the appropriate times all in the matter of a few short years. To add to that, his new associate priests are both very devout and orthodox priests. Both say the TLM at the local “TLM Parish.” One actually said his FIRST Mass in the extraordinary form.

    IF more parishes had priests like Fr. John, the American Catholic Church would be a much better place.

    To check out their websites:

  4. Mike says:

    LarryD out in Detroit has a fit every time I say this, but Fr. John is my nominee for the next bishop of DOR. Among many other good qualities he is a wonderful teacher of the faith, something we sorely need here.

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