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We Have Ten Seminarians!

May 5th, 2010, Promulgated by Dr. K

Technically we have twelve since Zach Enes and Greg Rupik are still officially seminarians, though on leave to discern outside of seminary. According to the latest print edition of the Catholic Courier, all five of the current Beckett Hall discerners will be moving on to seminary studies. Here are their placements:

*1. Sergio Chavez Rodriguez– Theological College (CUA)
2. Mark Ciampa– Theological College (CUA)
3. Mike Fowler– Blessed John XXIII Seminary
4. Andrew Montanaro– Theological College (CUA)
*5. Jorge Ramirez Velasquez– Mundelein Seminary

* = Brought in from Columbia

Congratulations to these men!

Below is the advertisement that appeared in the Courier:

There will be new discerners entering Beckett Hall this year. We’ll let you know when we hear a concrete number.

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8 Responses to “We Have Ten Seminarians!”

  1. avatar Anonymous says:

    Good luck to these young men. May they be solid orthodox priests.

  2. avatar Matt says:

    May those of them that buy into liberation (a)theology be cured of that particular mental illness at seminary…

  3. avatar Dr. K says:

    We have heard the same thing about a couple of our seminarians. I hope they have a conversion experience as well.

    ~Dr. K

  4. avatar Nathaniel says:

    Blessed John XXIII Seminary is here in Boston. It is a seminary for "late vocations". The minimum age to enter I think is 40. I have heard great things about the seminary, and I think that the Rochester seminarian who is entering there will be in good hands.

  5. avatar Gen says:

    That's great to hear, Nathaniel. Many thanks.

  6. avatar Anonymous says:

    And praise God, they will be ordained after the current wolf in sheeps clothing is gone.

  7. avatar Gen says:

    Only one wolf? You're being awfully charitable, Anon!

  8. avatar Anonymous says:


    You are correct. Let's call them the little wolves. They are impotent unless BIG wolf is around. So after Big wolfe retires, what will happen to these little critters? I am not sure they can survive as well. Big wolf is always getting them their prey.

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